Quality of your energy

I would like all of you to be crystal clear inside that ultimately what defines your fate in life is your energy – the quality of your energy, and what defines the quality of your energy is your awareness of it, and what defines your awareness of it is the time you put into being with yourself, attuning to yourself. What I will say is time put into your energy, vibration, is always time well spent. Nothing will ever go wrong in your life by spending time with yourself, in your own energy, and working on it, and even if you do less work as a result, what you define as work – external work – you will have much more that happens in your life that is good, because you have put work in on the inside. All good things come to those who work with their energy and vibration – you are able to attract infinite abundance in this way, so do not ever feel disturbed that you are not doing enough on the outside. Focus on the state of your own being and know that this will always lead to good things.


What I will say about betrayal is betrayal is always the result of not seeing something clearly, of some false perception you may have had about someone, or they have may have had about you, and then felt disappointed, and then betrayed you. What I will say it is always about false perception either in you, or the other person, or both. I hope this makes sense, that sometimes people betray each other because they decide that what they have is not really what they want, or sometimes it is simply the person has a pattern of betraying others in order to have their own needs met, but whatever has happened between you and others it is ultimately a sign that whoever betrayed you was not right for you – they were not right to have in your life, or perhaps they have such a strong pattern in their life of betraying others that they are not able to be any other way, and in this way without them altering the pattern, the person or people will never be right for you.

Focusing on the light within

It is good to always focus on the light within, and the way to do this is to make it a regular practice, to go within, feel what you are feeling, and consciously ask for it to be transformed in the light. This is enough to be able to sustain you and keep you going forwards in the light of oneness.

And if you would like to have more light in your body, then you are able to engage in practices that help you create and embody more light, such as being in the light of oneness through meditation, or perhaps even using your voice to create light and then letting it be embodied in you. That is all.

Relying on other people for healing

You do not have to rely on other people all the time for your healing needs – a lot of healing can be conducted by you simply going inwards, clearing energy, by acknowledging it, by asking for certain themes to clear from your life. A lot of healing can be done by you asking, going to that part of yourself that is sovereign – that is part of the oneness in all ways – going into it and asking for what you want, and asking for the clearings you would like, and when you do this what happens is that the rest of you responds, because this part that commands certain things to happen has in one way or another the power to transform all other parts of you, and energy starts to respond according to what you ask for. The angels around you are also supporting this, coming in to help the process, and if you ask us to come in too we can be there and do even deeper work on you. A lot can be done by you and then the parts which are very stuck you can go to other people for. I am saying this so you understand that not all healing is about having to be with the right people to get what you need – some healing is, but not all – a lot can be done by you alone.

On feeling victimised

I also would like to share with you that some of you here have felt quite victimised by life, by people, by circumstances – some of you here feel like a victim inside; you don’t feel very empowered when it comes to all aspects of your life; you feel something is missing in you to be able to tackle life head-on, to cope with scenarios that make you feel that your life is out of your hands. For you I would like to share something that is very honest – brutally honest – and that is it is important to turn all the parts of you which are very much in a victim state around, because if you don’t, what will happen is those parts will start to feel more and more persecuted and will be your downfall in terms of moving forwards at the pace you would like.

Victimhood is not going to be supported in this day and age, and although there will be compassion for people who need it, those who choose to stay in victimhood mentality will no longer be supported. What I mean by victimhood is not what you may believe – what I mean by it is a refusal to be in a different state, holding on to scenarios you have created in your life and you are not willing to change in any way.

I would like to share with you the secret to moving out of victimhood is not to simply act behave in a different way, because this may or may not work, but it is not really the answer if the energy behind the action remains the same. A lot of people who have felt victimised may believe that they need to stand up for themselves, speak up more, and although this may be the consequence of doing deep inner work it is not by simply doing this that you will find yourself feeling more empowered.

The answer is to get to the root of the feelings of victimhood – for a lot of people this is about abuse, about parts that are missing in them, paths that have been crushed by life in one way or another – it is to identify the source of this feeling and to work with it, and when you do you will automatically feel more empowered. Even by acknowledging the source of your victimhood you will feel more personal power. What I will say is what you acknowledge no longer has power over you – it is something you are then able to work with and life will bring you what you need to do this – you do not have to go looking for it.

Feeling blamed for your trauma

When you are here on Earth some people are going to be very sympathetic to you, but others will not, because they have their own pain and trauma, and those who are not will even start to blame you for what you feel, what you go through, because it will be inconvenient to them that you are not in the state they would like you to be in. For those who are often finding this in life, what I will say is be very mindful of who you have in your personal life, because a lot of people really have no time for others who are constantly in a state of needing help. A lot of people want to carry on going forwards with their own lives, and some people will be able to be there for you, but in a way where you are not having to rely on them, but in a way where they are willing to be with you regardless of your state, and they are not really that bothered if you are not feeling well. They simply are happy to be in your company, and they are able to have compassion for whatever you feel.

What I’m trying to say is look out for people who you feel are okay with you regardless of how you are, how you feel. Watch out for them, and they are the people who are right for you to have in your personal lives. For some of you who are hearing this, you may feel that you have never come across such a person, and I would like you to know that it is perhaps because you have not realised that this exists. But what I will say is that the people you have in your life on a personal day-to-day basis are people who are able to acknowledge, appreciate you, regardless of your state, and at the same time for you to know that it is not for you to put all your emotional baggage onto them, to be with it yourself. It is not for you to expect them to meet all your needs, but it is for you simply to be with what you are feeling, and know that you are accepted as you are.

The reason I’m saying this is because there is a lot of wounding in the world connected to feeling that you have to be well in order to be with people, because a lot of people can’t cope with consistent unwellness in others, consistent feelings of pain and trauma, and because of this the person who is traumatised already gets re-traumatised by how other people respond to them. What I would like you to know is don’t ever feel that there is anything wrong with your state when you have these experiences – know that it is because other people can’t deal with it, and ask the universe for the right people to step in.

On not feeling good enough

I want to cover is another issue, which is a strong feeling inside that whatever you do in life is not quite good enough – and this comes from feelings you have inherited partly from your lineage, and partly from lifetimes where you have had a lot on your plate, and not enough energy to deal with it all. So when you did things it did not quite go in the way you would have liked, so it is to do partly with being malnourished and burdened with many things to do, which you did not have enough life force energy for, and partly from your lineage, which actually has had the same issue of being burdened with a lot without enough nourishment.

What I will say is the feeling of not being good enough, of not quite doing things well enough, is something many people share, particularly those who have been neglected as children or malnourished in some way, and it is also something that people often use against others. So when people have this feeling there will always be someone around reflecting this – saying that that person is not quite good enough, that they are doing something wrong. Being not good enough is something that really does come from neglect, from being malnourished, not given something that you really needed in order to have enough energy to do things in the way that you would like.

Being not good enough is also connected to somehow believing that there is something inherently wrong with you, which again is connected to neglect, because when children are neglected they do subconsciously believe it is because they are less worthy of attention than others, that they deserve less somehow, which is why they get less.