Before booking a 1-to-1 session you must agree to the following:

  1. The channel takes no personal responsibility for any messages given since she is not the one giving the messages, she is simply channeling them from another source i.e. Archangel Raphael and other cosmic beings.
  2. People with severe mental health problems should not receive channellings until they are feeling more well and stable mentally. This is due to severe mental imbalances making it more difficult for people to correctly interpret messages given and put them in the right place within themselves.
  3. People who are highly affected by external energies should avoid having channellings until they feel stronger within themselves, are able to stay in their own energy and process what is given to them by an external source, rather than simply go along with it. People who are easily affected by external energies can be affected by high energies, but also lower astral ones that can distort their understanding and the messages given. It is important for people to follow their own inner being, rather than external energies. The intention of the channellings are ultimately to strengthen one’s own connection to themselves and share helpful information that one can then be with, and allow to integrate into one’s being.
  4. It is at the channel’s discretion whether she agrees to do a personal channeling for someone. She may refuse to do a session for someone without giving a reason to them.

Our groups are always intended to help improve your state and your life; however, because healing isn’t an exact science with predictable outcomes, there is no guarantee you will feel immediately better after a session. Many people report feeling better, lighter and clearer, however, this isn’t guaranteed, because healing is personal and multifaceted. My intention as a channel of Raphael, a shamanic practitioner, and someone experienced in many layers of healing, is to use all my gifts, skills and knowledge to help someone, so that they can improve their state and lives as efficiently and gracefully as possible.