Connecting Heaven and Earth

Connecting Heaven and Earth is a book that we have received from the White Brethren containing knowledge about our interconnection with all life-forms and how to commune with each other purposefully for healing, harmony and wholeness. It contains information that has not been readily available to people and conveys this knowledge clearly and concisely.

The material given by the White Brethren in this book is very close to our hearts. The time taken to produce this body of work has been set largely by the time it has taken to digest it’s profound and penetrating content, to integrate it’s clear and pure awareness in our own lives and experience a greater wholeness.

The White Brethren’s intention whenever they speak is to convey a consciousness to attune to, the words are merely a signpost to that consciousness. It is advised that the book be read in that spirit.

The White Brethren have stipulated that this material be freely available, click on the book on the right to read it online in full screen.

There are also various formats of the book to download below. The PDF format is most suited to viewing on a desktop computer, an EPUB format for mobile devices and ebook readers as well as a MOBI format for the Kindle.

We hope you enjoy reading the book and receive benefit from this transmission of the White Brethren’s consciousness.

*Please note, no part of this publication may be copied or reproduced in any way without prior written permission.*