I will say that a lot of problems in life are created when there is some kind of trauma that occurs in a person, that means they are not able to fully be in a part of their energy, which then creates problems in that area of life. What I will say about trauma is that it is not something that is fixed automatically by simply recognising it is there – it is something that does need engaging with, because as you engage with trauma it will unravel itself, a lot will be revealed to you, and within trauma there will always be something that is shown to you, something that you can learn from it, something that will be useful to others as well.

What I will say about trauma is that when it is fully cleared you start to have revelations that you would not have had otherwise – things that you start to see, things that you start to develop compassion for, and this will really then take you forwards very fast once the trauma has cleared. So what I will say about people who have had a lot of trauma, is that when they are well they will go forwards very fast – much faster than most people will actually, those who have not had that trauma, because the thing about trauma is that it freezes you in certain areas of life – it actually freezes you into something that you were at the time of the trauma, and then when you are unfrozen and repaired, what happens is that part of you suddenly powers up into action, wants to really make up for lost time, and moves very fast. It is a natural process that occurs, and through this fast movement the rest of you as well starts to move at that same speed in order to keep up. So it really powers you along fast through life, and because of this people who have been victims of severe trauma are often able to do much more than other people can when they are well and recovered from it, because they were frozen for so long, it is like they really have a lot of stamina for going forwards fast.

I am giving you this bit of information because I want you to know how trauma works, how it is, how it affects you – it makes you freeze in certain places, and then once unfrozen it is like your soul automatically wants to move fast to make up for the lost time. I will say that this is always the case, and where you are not experiencing this I will say that you have not fully recovered yet.

I am also wanting you to know this so that you can engage with your traumas, knowing that as you do you will automatically go fast at the right time, that it is always time well spent to engage with trauma – and don’t worry about losing time doing it, because you will make up for it later on.

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