What I will say about forgiveness is that it is not necessarily about in any way trying to make yourself feel better about something that has happened. It is not about trying at all. It is actually about what you are truly ready to let go of – what you have already processed inside, and you really feel that you can truly let go of it, and in this way, it can then leave your life completely.

So it is not about forgiving so you feel better, actually – it is about forgiving because you will feel ready to do this, and through forgiveness you will feel better – but it is not about trying to feel better through forgiveness. I hope I am making sense.

It is really going to be coming from a place where you feel OK already about something, and if you don’t, then don’t try to forgive. Because with forgiveness, it really does need to be natural and spontaneous, and some people try to forgive in order to feel better, but then they just find that the situation, the energy keeps coming back to them – they keep feeling that something is not clear yet. So that is why I say to people, forgive when you are ready.

It is also important to forgive yourself, because when you do this, what you are actually doing is acknowledging that you as well have done things which are not in alignment, which may have caused problems for yourself and other people, and when you are able to acknowledge this, and then ask for forgiveness, so to speak, from something deeper within, and fully forgive yourself in this way, you are then clearing something out of your system, which otherwise could cause problems for you. I hope I am making sense, because where you have not forgiven yourself, you will attract unforgiveness from other people – you will find reflections of this in life, where there will be problems as a result.

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