Ancestral Clearings


This ancestral clearing is about going into many different places where there is some stuck energy, and clearing it – energies which are stuck within the lineage and stop you from being able to move forward easily in these areas of your life.

It is a thorough clearing of all the possible energies that can be there, stuck in your lineage, and as a result you will find that there are things in your life that flow more easily. The energies that are being worked with through the lineage are ones that you are not in control of with your conscious mind – energies that are beneath the surface, that are affecting you without you realising it, that make certain things happen, which you feel you have not chosen to happen.

Duration: 34:31

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00:00 Karmic flow, feeling out of control
01:57 Inherited energies – carrying the burdens of ancestors
03:38 Clearings – what is going on in your life
05:37 Handing back to family members what is theirs
06:39 Suffering for what ancestors have done
10:27 Feeling superior or inferior
13:33 Being unable to be yourself
15:33 Being unable to flourish in life
20:08 Reclaiming lost power
22:22 Lack of nourishment
24:20 Feeling empowered
26:20 Feeling unable to commit to the life you’d like
28:49 Being unable to go forwards
30:50 Highest timeline activation