• I have been blessed to receive guidance and healing from Archangel Raphael via Jabeen, for about 3 years, before that I was resolute about not going outside myself for ‘messages’, feeling the importance for me to only trust my own inner sense of things.
    However, when a friend spoke so glowingly of the depth of insight and grace she received through her session with Jabeen, I felt a prompt from within, that I am so glad I followed.
    I now feel utterly blessed for making this choice, it feels as though I had achieved as much as I could on my own, before the Divine was able to reach out to me and show me the direct Grace of being so clearly known, understood and seen for all my multidimensional endeavors as well as those patterns that held me back.

    The sheer precision of information that Jabeen receives from A.Raphael is extraordinary and was far more detailed and coherent than I could have imagined possible. I always trusted the angels existed, now I know how powerful their loving assistance can be.

    Since working with A. Raphael, taking part in the groups and having an occasional private channelling, I have been continuously supported in clearing my energy fields of multi-lifetime resistant energies, dissolving out-dated dynamics and refining my own earthly skills of lightwork and service, as my spirit relaxes more deeply into my natural blueprint.
    It has accelerated my progress whilst giving me encouragement and insight when I have been challenged.

    It is wonderful to have Archangel Raphael on my team and I deeply recommend giving yourself this gift of connection. Jabeen is the real deal!


  • The level of insight and accuracy into the hidden structures of human soul given by Jabeen’s chanellings can hardly be found elsewhere, even in today’s multifaceted universe of spiritual teachings. The healing groups are a resource of debth in information and personal healing that are incredibly precious and have a transformational impact. Jabeen opens up a powerful angelic universe for us to work with on a daily basis.


  • I feel very blessed to have been able to work with Jabeen and Archangel Raphael. The sessions with them helped me to connect with myself on a much deeper level and the unseen and also connected me to the world of Angels. I have looked for that connection for so long. Working with Jabeen is helping me to listen better to my intuition and inner guidance on a daily basis. The messages are clear and spot on! Can’t recommend working with Jabeen enough. Thank you so much!


  • Jabeen’s work with the White Brotherhood birthed in me a deep desire for a Knowing of the All That Is. I doubt that any of our modern languages have the vocabulary or structure to articulate what this is – for me it has become a Love from within that and grows exponentially reaching all beings on the Earth and throughout the Cosmos. There is nothing else in Reality.

    I’ve known Jabeen since around 2009 and we met through our dear friend Jo who was my upstairs neighbour at the time. I was agnostic then, had a yoga practice and dabbled in a bit of Sanskrit chanting. I thought Jo and Jabeen were a bit wacky, but I liked them. They seemed enigmatic and this fascinated me. They seemed to draw me into their spiritual arena without trying to do so. I really could write a book about our friendship.

    Jabeen’s first reading for me touched me with a deep sense of something Profound and All Knowing. I was gob-smacked by the Wisdom of Angels. My life began to change.

    Of course I am human and I was suitably sceptical and ungracious as my egoic residue hit me in the face. It was all part of my growth.

    One day Jabeen played her singing bowl for me and it gave me a sense of there being a spiral extending from my crown chakra and reaching into the angelic realm. I bought myself a singing bowl and my Sacred Sound practice was born.

    Since those days I have been guided to read widely about angels, to read Vladimir Megre’s Anastasia series and also to read generally around the power of Sound and Earth Healing. Then, with great turbulence and resistance I gradually connected with A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery. This Wisdom, even with my limited understanding, is very precious to me today.

    Jabeen has channelled The White Brotherhood, often Arch Angel Raphael in particular, for me over the years. They have taken me to necessary places for my development and released me to proceed of my own volition whilst accommodating my human short comings. Today I see shortcomings as learning tools and therefore strengths.

    Jabeen’s work gives me a connection to my Home where ever else I perceive myself as being.

    Now I rest in God and I thank you all Blessed Beings.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Sarah Evans

  • Jabeen has a remarkable gift !
    Archangel Raphael’s wisdom and insight have helped me over many years now to see the broader picure and fathom the deeper patterns that create resistance in life.
    I have always felt loved and supported in Jabeen’s presence with her compassionate nature, humility and sensitivity. Along with Raphael’s extraordinary ability to see the truth of a situation from a higher perspective I can say that the healing I have received has been tangible and long lasting. What a blessing in these uncertain times !
    Both the one to one and group sessions have been inspirational and transformative and I am grateful indeed to have this special guidance helping to address the residual patterns and core life issues when I find myself off track. The experience even after remote online sessions is to feel to be in very safe hands….and how much better I feel afterwards ! Thank you Jabeen đź’–


  • For several years I have been blessed to have had the guidance of Archangel Raphael from Jabeen. This guidance has been very helpful in my life and has proved to have been spot on many times. Raphael also makes it clear from the guidance that he brings that he already knows my circumstances and often answers questions I have brought with me before I have even asked them. Jabeen is a clear loving channel for this guidance and I can highly recommend her work.


  • I had been consulting with Jabeen to receive guidance from Archangel Raphael many times. Several of those times i was in really dark space and I didn’t have any rational explanation why this was happening to me. After just one session with Jabeen I was feeling good and back to normal again. Such an amazing clearing of negative energy and support and clarity and guidance! It is really incredible. And after receiving a message from Raphael I literally feel like my own wings were opening up. So much light and hope in it. I have also participated many times in a support group where you can also receive a little message at the end and a lot of healing during the whole session. I really recommend it!


  • Jabeen’s channeled guidance has helped me immensely many a time now. Her channel is a gift and has brought me much clarity, insight and perspective.


  • Jabeen’s channelled guidance has always been a great tool to help with both self (and Self) healing. Also deeply reassuring for these times especially, so I strongly recommend her work to help you strengthen yourself from the inside to better meet the challenges on the outside.

    Sarah M.

  • Compassionate, grounded and profound, Jabeen’s channelling and healing abilities have benefited me greatly. She has given me the reassurance, self belief and forward impetus that I needed so much at this time and I can’t thank her enough her help. The clear, loving guidance she brings through is a gift to the world and I highly recommend her services.


  • I first met Jabeen in St Leonards on Sea. I was introduced to her through a mutual friend called Jo Moon who was a unique soul. Soon after this they both moved to Wells.
    I will be forever grateful to Jo for that first introduction as this connection with Jabeen continues and her gifts to channel have been the most profound and transformative of my life. She is a pure soul and I consider it a privilege to have her in my life. I have had personal readings and have joined group readings too. She has opened the doors of my perception with her gifts and I am forever grateful.

    Fiona Pienkowska

  • As well as having great taste in jumpers, Jabeen has a genuine and impressive talent. I joined my first session somewhat reluctantly, having been misled by many messengers before, expecting it to be the same. How wrong I was. The minute Jabeen welcomed us (wearing a signature amazing jumper), I could tell she was the real deal. During the session, I could palpably feel the energy uplift and calm me, despite my cynicism. Best of all, the messages were practical and down-to-earth.
    Since then I’ve joined several remote sessions and love the video broadcasts, in which the messages always feel relevant to me. For me, Jabeen’s work has been life changing in reconnecting me to my spirit, helping me transform and be grounded in the bigger picture. Six months on I’m happier, calmer, grounded, trusting and confident. I’ve developed so quickly but profoundly under this guidance. I would highly recommend connecting with this talented, giving and down-to-earth individual.


  • I had my first reading with Jabeen about 4 years ago. I had never before experienced such a beautiful quality of reading. . . That connects directly to our souls journey, purpose and understandings. . . Plus guidance and truth for the eruptions and very hard corners that life may press upon us . . The depth of the truths that Jabeen is enabled to advise giving strengthening support and clarity are well beyond the norm . . . Also I always feel such a wonderful healing energy connected to Jabeen’s readings . . . Wonderful, healing, supportive life lines . . . With deep thanks for her profound work . . . With love Vivienne x

    Vivienne Veitch

  • I have been receiving readings through Jabeen for about 7 years now. Everytime during each session Jabeen offers the most beautiful calming loving space in which she channels the guidance and messages. Absolutely every time the messages are so helpful, accurate and reassuring. I always come away feeling at ease and having a positive change in my energy. I have used Jabeen on many occasions now throughout my personal journey and I would now not really seek guidance in many other places as the readings always make so much sense and help me so much. The channeled healing always makes me feel back into alignment and I experience a significant shift and progress in my life. Jabeen is such a pure kind lady and has the most gentle loving energy. I highly recommend working with Jabeen in particular at a time when many people are in need of help and healing. Following the sessions I have gained so much clarity about the challenges I have experienced in my life and the best action to take with a wide range of life situations. The readings are so valuable.


  • I attended my first session with Jabeen during a short visit to Glastonbury. I wasn’t sure what to expect but could feel immediately the healing taking place during the session.
    I have since attended a few of the inner child healings via Skype – they have been so helpful! Calming my system and allowing shifts to occur, as well as spot on personal messages each time. I’m so grateful to have met Jabeen and have access to her wonderful skills xx


  • Jabeen is pure light, truth, heart and wisdom. She always brings love and makes one feel closer to Source Light.
    She can clear ancient blockages, transform situations and release pain instantly to replace it with what was always meant to be there -Love X Jabeen is everything! And I don’t know where I would be without her.


  • This channel Jabeen is a gift from God for us all, for the world. Jabeen has saved my life, changed my life and by being able to hear direct messages from Source Love Light from the Angels I am clearer every single time, I am who I am meant to be. I am fulfilling my life purpose and expanding my heart. I will be eternally grateful to Jabeen. She Is a very special soul of light and I am blessed to have her in my life. She saved my life. Thank you and I love you!


  • From the moment I met Jabeen I was impressed by her natural gift to connect with Archangel Raphael and other cosmic beings. She has always accurately tuned into invaluable wisdom and advice in an instant and in any given situation. This ability and a natural compassion and desire to help whoever crosses her path is a rare quality.


    Melissa Long

  • Jabeen is not just a channel and conduit to great forces of light from above, she herself is a fantastic and powerful beacon of light. With great sensitivity, clarity and honesty she is able to channel the great being of light Archangel Raphael and bring the great wisdom of this being into our lives. With this gift she has helped me tremendously, bringing clarity where there was confusion, bringing balm and solace where their was fear and disappointment. Enabling me to see beneath the surface of everything, so that I can see and understand the great patterns that have molded my life. When I had my first session with her she spoke with out hesitation for the best part of an hour and it was as if a great light was turned on in a dark room. The dark places in my life were illuminated, everything was brought into greater clarity and focus. Such a great gift. I carry all that Raphael told me through the channel of Jabeen. What was said will always be a guide that I tap into again and again whenever needed. A true Blessing! I will be forever grateful.


  • If you feel in any way drawn to do a 1-to-1 session with Jabeen or to attend her groups I would highly recommend trying it out. I felt this “calling” from Germany and flew over to Wells.
    Jabeen had helped me the last couple of months like no other person because she is an exceptional channel, always spot on. Plus she is able to transmit very high-vibrational healing energy of higher beings when you are in her presence. Her sessions healed and helped me a lot, I can’t express how grateful I am that my angels guided me to her. Other than being an excellent channel and a wonderful healer, Jabeen is a very respectful, loving and beautiful soul. Thank you Jabeen for fulfilling your life purpose in such a beautiful way.


  • In an overwhelm of information in the world out there Jabeen’s channeling emerges as pure light, validating what we know inside to be true.


  • Jabeen is not only kind, loving and modest on the personal level, she is also a trustworthy and extraordinary conduit for very deep clarification and guidance that I have found spot on, coming from a higher source that is pure and sees and reflects you clearly.

    Susan Burrows

  • Jabeen is authentic. Love and life purpose shine through everything she does.

    We are incredibly lucky to be blessed by knowing Jabeen .

    She’s an amazing source of wisdom and healing.


  • Jabeen’s channeling has been spot on. I just heard the most recent youtube video where we had to pick a number for a message. I thought it was numerology and my mind felt like I was connecting with 3 but my heart said clearly 4 so I went with it and it was so perfect to what is going on and what I needed to hear, it blew me away.
    Thank you for all your love and commitment.
    I’m feeling back in the flow again


  • Jabeen is an absolute pure channel of light for Archangel Raphael to transmit through, no doubt! Both the words, the deep wisdom and the huge frequencies that accompany them are incredibly transformative and deeply comforting on the soul and personality levels. I can highly recommend her and her work and unique integrity. I have been deeply touched and healed by these sessions I’ve been fortunate enough to have with Archangel Raphael.
    Thank you Jabeen for your devotion.

    Jacqueline Percy

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