I would like you to know that what I am seeing about childbirth trauma is that it is very much connected to the conditions that were around when you were given birth, and for a lot of women it has been about feeling that the right support was not there, either emotionally, physically, or on some other level. What I will say about conditions around birth is that they are very much in one way or another affected by ancestral issues, traumas, that your ancestors have had, because what I see about giving birth is that it is a very primordial process – a process that is beyond the mind, that is beyond the conscious perception of a person. It bypasses everything that you have been trying to create for yourselves consciously, and goes into a very primordial energy that is not really your own actually – that has been passed down to you from your ancestors. So there is a very close correlation between ancestral trauma and the trauma that you may have had giving birth, whether it is in this life or previous lives.

I would also like to say that this does apply to both men and women, because as a man you have been women in other lives, and given birth, so you too have been affected by this. And what I will also say is that it is important to see this as much deeper than simply yourselves – something that you are clearing for the lineage.

What I will say about past life experiences of giving birth, and how they are affecting you in this life, is that it is very much about having memories coming in of things not going so well – fears and concerns that arise because of these experiences in other lives. So what I will say is that the experience you have given birth is often a combination of past lives, ancestral traumas, and other factors as well, that may have come in at the time from other places, but mainly I will say it is these two things.


What I would like to say is that when you are giving birth there is a lot about personal trauma that comes up, and what I will say is that for some of you have had lifetimes where you have had some form of abuse – sexual abuse, physical abuse, and these issues show up when giving birth, these kinds of traumas.

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