Jabeen’s vision is to create a powerful Archangel Raphael YouTube channel, the intention is for each video to be life changing in some way, to be a portal to Archangel Raphael and for him to transmit his messages and do powerful healings and clearings. Jabeen is being helped to create this long-standing vision (12+ years) by Ivan. We would greatly appreciate support so we can dedicate large amounts of time and energy to making this the best channel we can, that will hopefully get across Archangel Raphael’s words, energy and healing to people in the greatest possible way.

This is something we intend to keep going with for the rest of our lives and any support to help to get it going would be really helpful. We would especially appreciate for people to set up monthly subscriptions of small sums because it will mean we will be able to sustain ourselves and put more time and energy into the channel.

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