I would like you to know that there are many people in the world who feel a bit like they need some change to happen in their lives – people who are looking forward to moving, or creating a new life of some kind – or perhaps they are already doing this, but they are looking forward to things progressing even more. What I will say about this is that it is important to stay focused on the inside, to know that everything on the outside is a symptom of what is going on the inside, and as you go deeper, and you are centred there, the right things spontaneously happen around you in an easy way, a spontaneous way, in a way that feels like it is actually life-giving, rather than taking from you.

What I want you to know is one of the things that is changing in life is that life is becoming easier for everyone when they are choosing to go within and engage with their own inner landscape. Life is meant to be like this – it is meant to flow, be spontaneous in its ability to fulfil your needs. It is meant to be interesting, exciting, an experience that you look forward to. It is not meant to be mundane, boring; it is not meant to feel that you are simply going through each day, day in, day out, with no progress on a deep inner level.

What I want you to know is engaging with your inner landscape will bring this constant sense into you, that life is interesting, exciting. It will give you a buzz to engage with life, because you will notice how much it is fulfilling your deepest desires. It will be exciting, because new things will happen, and new things will happen in ways which are spontaneous, take you by surprise.

What I’m really trying to say is a lot of you here are looking for this at times in places where you are not being nourished, so you may be looking for this excitement in the wrong places, and then find it takes you away from your path of light. You are being told that as you go deeper you will find a place within you, which is able to actually make life happen in a way that is always exciting for you on a soul, spiritual level – on a level of your being where you feel your connection to all that is, and when you have this kind of life you feel lit up by it, you feel excited to wake up in the morning.

So this is what I would like you to do – to get beyond your karmic lifestyles, the karma you have created for yourselves – perhaps of hard work, perhaps of giving your energy away in order to get a job done, or being a martyr/a slave for others/for life generally – but whatever you have created on a karmic level, this can be fully corrected, cleared permanently, transformed.

I will also say that it is not about trying in any way to get to a place where you are feeling like this, but it is about knowing that this is actually what life is already about, and anything else you are experiencing are simply distortions you have created yourself that you can uncreate, and through this you will start to feel lighter, clearer on all levels.

My final message is that I do see a cumulative effect that happens over time, so the more you are engaging with this energy, the energy of the oneness on Earth – the more it builds up in you in terms of it becoming your default way of being. After this it has its own momentum – it is not something that you need to work on – it just happens spontaneously. There is nothing that can really get in its way anymore, because the engine is fired up and going so consistently, and when you are at this stage, what happens is your karma is burnt up through the fire of the engine that is constantly running, so it is a bit like this engine that brings the right synchronicities to you, that brings the manifestation of your deepest desires, automatically burns up anything karmic. So if there is something or someone in your life who should not be there, where there is some kind of karmic cycle running, but something unhealthy – something that doesn’t feel good, you will automatically find yourself going in another direction without even trying. Your own motor will take you elsewhere – so you may not even need to go into what is going on, because it is burnt up, and you start to automatically move forwards in the way that you need to.

What I’m really trying to say if this is where you will all eventually end up, but at the moment I see you are still firing up this part of you – you are still building it up, and along the way you may feel that there are things that are distracting, you getting in the way, that you need to deal with – things that you are perhaps needing to go deeper into in order to uproot. I hope this makes sense – things like false beliefs, things that get in the way of progress.

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