Inner Child Group


Groups are every Tuesday at 7.30pm in Wells, Somerset.

Remote attendance possible via Skype or a recording sent to WhatsApp or email.

See the Calendar page for the next group information.

£10 or £8 concession

Once you have sent a payment for the group you will be sent an email confirming your place with the address and the Skype link.

Concession pricing



Watch a sample group here

These groups are held energetically by Archangel Raphael and his accompanying angels. He is also able to translate messages from your own angels and guides in groups. The group is about receiving a higher energy from Raphael and this enables the people present to go deeper into parts of themselves that need energy work. Archangel Raphael conveys the words and gives people energy to help them move forwards with their lives in new ways, more in the Light.

Inner child healing is all about the wounded part of you that needs healing from childhood, from the early start of your life. When you come to an inner child group, or engage in inner child healing, it is about healing that part of you that is beyond the conscious mind, feelings that are so deeply entrenched within you that they form an integral part of your experience on Earth and how effectively you respond to situations around you.

When your inner child is whole and healthy you find that life doesn’t easily phase you when there are problems between you and others, or when you feel a bit run down you are able to quickly find nourishment. In places where your inner child is malnourished, neglected, feeling alone, you will find that you struggle in those aspects of life.

Archangel Raphael

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