What I am seeing is that there are many people in the world who are feeling that they really need to change things in their lives, but out of them, only a small percentage are very proactive on a deeper level in making the necessary changes within themselves that will facilitate their lives changing in the way they would like to see. So there are a lot of people who are making changes at the moment, who are very resolute that they want something to change, but only a few of them will actually get the results they want in the timescale they want, because the others will have to go through certain processes in order to get there, quite earthly processes.

So there are people who have perhaps left their jobs and want to set up their own businesses, but it may be that there is a journey for them to go on on the Earth plane in order to get there, because there are some things in them which are not quite ready energetically – there are things in the way. Or some people may be able to make the changes that they want, and it works for them, but then they may find that other things come up that then force them to go deeper. What I’m really trying to say is that regardless of what it may look like externally, regardless of how successful people may seem at changing their lives by taking a few simple, practical steps, it is never quite what it seems.

Change really takes something from the inside – so it is a bit like this, that in order to really see big changes in your life in a short space of time – and what I mean by this, is that in one life it is possible to completely change everything, but it takes a lot – so to see these kinds of really radical changes, where your whole energy is changed, your whole life changes, you are actually changing something very deep – it takes a lot, and what I want you to know is that there is no escaping the inner landscape – everyone will have to face their inner demons, so even if it seems like for a while some people make changes on the outside only and don’t seem to need to go deep, they will eventually have to – life will take them there.

What I’m really trying to say is that there is no such thing in this life as having an easy ride when it comes to going forwards and not having to face your pain body. Everyone has to, but those of you who embrace it, who actually welcome it and see it for what it is – as an opportunity to transform something – you will find that actually you will go forwards much faster, more consistently, with ease and grace, that your forward momentum on Earth will be relatively easy.

So what I am saying to all of you is keep working with your pain body – don’t ignore it, don’t try to bypass it, work with it, welcome it, and actually after a while you will find it quite enjoyable, because you will have really fast ways of dealing with things – of identifying themes, clearing them fast, not getting over-involved in your mind, or even emotionally, being able to observe things, and then clear them.

And what I will say is that actually in this new age those of you who can master the pain body will be the the ones who lead the way for other people, because it is actually the pain body that has created a lot of suffering for humankind, and people who have been in a lot of pain, and have tried moving forwards with their lives, have created pain for other people, and the more that they go forwards and they are still in pain inside, the more that they end up creating it for other people, because what they are not acknowledging in themselves ends up in one way or another affecting other people. It ends up being in one way or another the places where they are not able to acknowledge others and their needs, and other things like this.

What I’m really saying is that when you truly master the pain body, you will really be able to go forwards fast, but also be able to inspire other people to move forwards too. And I want you to know that this is the way – it is about being whole and healthy, it is about acknowledging each and every part of you and being able to master it – and then you are able to go forwards in life in earthly, practical, pragmatic ways with ease and grace, without actually having to do much. Life comes to you and you go forwards, and you are able to inspire others to do the same.

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