The 2012 Talks

The White Brethren have presented a series of talks on the cosmic event that occurred in the later part of 2012. In these talks the White Brethren have elaborated on the changes we will experience before, during and after this time, giving guidance on how best to prepare to meet the challenges and opportunities that will arise as a consequence of this unique and momentus event. They share unique and seldom revealed insight into the true origins of the source of the Light that will be transforming our world. Their words and energy are intended to open up our hearts and minds with the vision of a more Divine life made possible by these changes and our willingness to realise our Divine nature. Each talk is different as the White Brethren speak according to the energies of the present moment and the individuals that are present at each talk and the questions that they ask. Click on the book to the right to read the full collection of talks online in full screen, or click on the links below to read individual talks. These talks are available to download in pdf format from the reading screen.

25th Sept. 2011 – Hastings17th Oct. 2011 – Brighton23th Oct. 2011 – Brighton
27th Oct. 2011 – Hastings29th Oct. 2011 – Newhaven19th Nov. 2011 – London
26th Nov. 2011 – Glastonbury27th Nov. 2011 – Saltdean5th Dec. 2011 – London

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