What is GHAEN?

This site is about the work of Jabeen Jafferji with the White Brotherhood, a group of Ascended Masters and Archangels.

Jabeen works mainly with Archangel Raphael who shares information and energy for healing and expression of your spirit on Earth.

I am Raphael speaking, and I am speaking on behalf of the whole White Brotherhood. I would like you to know that the purpose of GHAEN is to share the teachings of the Brotherhood, which are all about helping people to be grounded in their spirituality, and to make a difference on the Earth plane. The White Brotherhood is all about bringing down to Earth spiritual energies that are then expressed through people’s individual life purposes.

Remember that when you are with us there is always an element of service. Through service you experience yourself on Earth, and you also automatically generate healing for yourself as well. Service is part of you that has something to give to life, something that is able to remind others of who they are inside. It is not necessarily about doing things for others, it is about being yourself, and seeing what comes of it automatically, what you feel inspired to do. Ultimately, the human is designed to serve, to be able to bring something to the rest of life that is uplifting, that is good for everybody.

On this website you will find resources that will help you get to this place. It is important to be whole in yourself first, to focus on feeling well inside, and anything that brings wellness to you in greater quantities will help you to serve better. Also, by being well on the inside you will be able to transcend the Earth, so when things come up in life you are able to deal with them more easily.

This website will provide many services to people, sharing information and energy that will be helpful in order to be in the spirit – to transcend the Earth and be in your inner essence (the part of your spirit which touches the Earth).

Archangel Raphael

About Jabeen

Jabeen has a natural gift of speaking the words of angelic beings. She was born with this gift that over time she has perfected and is able to speak the words of the angels and other enlightened beings fluently. She works with a group of enlightened beings called the White Brotherhood and in particular Archangel Raphael. Her priority is assisting people to clear away blockages, so that they may be who they really are. She would like people to be able to experience themselves on Earth as they truly are in spirit and support them to fulfil their life purpose optimally. Her interest is to help people to recognise and experience that their spirit is able to flourish regardless of the circumstances they have come from.

Archangel Raphael is able to assist in one way or another, whether energetically or with relevant information that can be used to move forwards. Raphael can talk about any life situation one may find themselves in and offer something to it that may be of value.