I would like you to know that what I’m seeing about the throat generally is that it is affected by many things. I am seeing that often it is energies which are unseen which affect the throat – it can be energies coming off others in order to silence you; it can be energies that are in one way or another affecting you from other lives, perhaps lifetimes where you have been in one way or another taken from the Earth with the throat being damaged in some way, either through suffocation or something else, but what I will say is that there are many things that have impacted you over many lifetimes when it comes to the throat. I even see that it can be negative thoughts you have had yourself around speaking up, being who you are, perhaps judgments, concerns that you may have taken on from others in your life. It can even be that others have interfered with this part of you. In some cases it can be that you have had all kinds of curses, or perhaps even devices, to stop you from speaking, and for some of you it may be more extreme – it may be that you have actually been mutilated there in order for you to have no voice in other lives, or perhaps even in this life.

What I’m really trying to say is that it is really important to work on this part of your being, because so many things have affected this area for many of you without you even realising it, and sometimes when you find it hard to speak it can be because there are things which are activated there from other lives, or even this life. Sometimes it can even be the ancestors who are trying to silence you – negative ones, who want you to stay as you are and not become more of your true self. It can be that they have put devices on you to stop you from being able to speak out about certain things which are going on within the family line. It can even be darker than this – that there are whole forces trying to silence you, perhaps you have been part of something that is much larger, something that involves a lot of abuse and a lot of silencing of the victims of this abuse.

What I’m really trying to say is that by clearing the throat, purifying it, you are able to be more in your power and authenticity – you are able to speak out about things which need to be spoken of in the New Age, revealed, exposed, or you are able to play your part in the awakening of humanity, or you are able to express your creativity to a much larger extent – but what I want you to know is that as you purify the throat it becomes possible to actually clear a lot of energy fast from your body and being, so it is not only about being able to play a larger part in the world, it is also about being able to purify yourselves much faster, and in this way what you find is that you are able to do much more in your everyday life, that you have a lot more energy available. And what I will say to those of you who have been heavily impacted in this part of your being is that there can often be a feeling inside of extreme discomfort, a sense that there is a lot to be expressed but not really knowing where to start how to do it, how to say what is going on inside, and I will say that as you work with the throat on deeper and deeper levels you will find that the energies automatically start to flow more strongly.

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