I would like you to know that what I’m seeing is that there are many people in the world at the moment who are trying their best to move forwards with their lives in a harmonious way, but they are not necessarily succeeding on all levels, because there is so much coming up from within them. What I will say is that it is still a time of clearing energy, rather than moving forwards in ways which are very strong and pronounced. It is a time of taking gentle steps forwards, doing things in the world that you want to do, but in a gentle way, without force, pressure on yourselves to over-extend, do more than you feel like.

I see that many lifetimes ago people had a lot going on when it came to being in the world, moving forwards, having to push themselves in order to be able to get things done. What has happened is that lifetime after lifetime this pressure has increased, till people had to develop ways of actually coping – consume substances that gave them more energy, gave them a feeling that they could do more than they could manage energetically.

I will say that this started a few lifetimes ago, because before then people were more in touch with their bodies, what they were capable of doing. They worked within their limits, but as a society, this all changed lifetimes ago, quite a few actually – and then it got worse and worse, and people started pushing themselves more and more. People even made whole careers around trying to get the most done in the least amount of time. People have really pushed this energy as far as it is possible to go, so as a society you are productive, you are generally able to get a lot done – I am talking collectively – but you are not in harmony with yourselves generally, and it is about getting back in touch with your bodies, how you feel, your emotions, all the things that in the past you have felt may have held you back.

So generations ago your ancestors, and you as well in your past lives, may have tried to push beyond how you actually felt, push beyond your emotions. You may have been grieving the loss of a child, but you may have been out to work the next day in the fields, because you had to in order to survive – because if you were not there you would not eat. You may have been feeling very depressed, but you had to take anti-depressants, substances, medicate yourselves in order to keep going forwards, and appear like you are functioning, and a normal person in life.

What I will say is these times are ending now – it is not about artificially propping yourselves up, creating an image, a fake persona of yourselves in the world – it is about going deeper, getting in touch with who you are, how you feel, what is going on, being authentic – and this is the energy that is now being celebrated in the world, encouraged. Those who are the most authentic will be the most celebrated – so it is turning around now, because in the past it was the other way round. It is not about productivity – the ability to carry on regardless of how you feel, pushing past limits – it is the complete opposite. It is about honouring how you feel, honouring your limits, and at the same time being with those energies in a very light way. So instead of going into your feelings and taking them seriously in terms of acting on them, or believing that they are the ultimate truth, it is about honouring that part of your being and seeing it for what it is – something you need to be with, something you need to honour and acknowledge, and allow to pass through you. It is not something that you need to conquer and defeat; it is not something you need to fight against; it is equally not something you have to fully become – it is about honouring each and every part of your being your body, your emotions, all parts of you, to be with what is and allow the process to work through, without taking it too seriously at the same time, without acting on your emotions, without first allowing them to move through you and reaching a point of greater clarity.

You are all being asked to be more in the depths of how you actually feel and go forwards in this way, and what I see is because of this level of authenticity people will move not as fast as before – more slowly at times, but then when the time is right and all has been processed and passed, the speed will actually be faster – more will get done in less time, with less effort, with less that you actually have to do physically, because the energy will actually make a lot happen. The energy itself will be so clear, that the physical action will simply need to be minor in order to make things happen – so the greater the energy, the less action is required to make something happen. What you are all learning about at the moment is precisely this, and I want to share something that as you go deeper into this type of knowledge, you will actually feel the joy of life more in your being. You will also feel much more inclined to actually be in your authenticity, because you will appreciate all the good it brings.

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