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Latest message from Archangel Raphael

8 August 2022

GHAEN is all about supporting people to fully be in the spirit, to clear what is necessary to be who they are on a spiritual level on Earth and to do their life purpose.

Jabeen Jafferji is a channel of the White Brotherhood who are enlightened beings, and the being she works with the most is Archangel Raphael. She conveys messages and gives healing that he then administers with his angels and companions.

We publish content regularly on our YouTube channel and our Instagram account.

Personal messages from Jabeen

  • 5 or 10-minute message by Archangel Raphael in response to one question of your choice.
  • Monthly messages: 5-minute recorded message for the month ahead. It will be about what to focus on in the month, and what the theme of the month is for you. It will talk about what is possible for you in terms of what can happen if you are focused on what is right for you, to pay attention to.
  • Birthday messages: 5-minute recorded personal birthday message from Archangel Raphael for you or a loved one. Excellent gift option.
  • Message for troubled times: 5-minute recorded personal message when going through a hard time. For you or a loved one.

The messages will be emailed ASAP. The cost for a 5-minute message is £10, and a 10-minute message is £20. Please specify what sort of message you would like when ordering.

Questions and Answers

Next group:

This group is for people who would like to ask questions directly to Archangel Raphael and other cosmic beings who are present. The questions can be very personal, or more universal.

Inner Child Group

Every Tuesday at 7.30pm BST

The group is about receiving a higher energy from Raphael and this enables the people present to go deeper into parts of themselves that need energy work.

Clearing and Recalibration Group

Every other Friday at 7pm BST

These groups are an energetic reset. They are designed as an ongoing support group for people who are working on themselves to clear old energies and to keep embodying higher frequencies.

Weekly Live Stream with Archangel Raphael

Saturday 13 August 2022, 11am BST

This is a group that is available for people who have concerns, issues, have things going on in them. It is an open, non-interactive space for whoever wishes to join. Whatever is on your mind will be addressed if you are present at that time, and a recording will also be available to replay afterwards.

New product category

Archangel Raphael Transmissions

Recommended for daily listening to transform your life in specific areas.

Purchase our second audio on Ancestral healing here.

“The energies that are being worked with through the lineage are ones that you are not in control of with your conscious mind”

Latest messages from Archangel Raphael

Transcribed from our regular live streams, groups, and Q&A's. See the complete collection here.

Taking control of your life

Remember that when you feel that some parts of your life are out of your control because of your circumstances, it is important to…

True faith

I want you to know that our understanding of faith is all about a knowing that life is always, in one way or another,…

Urgent message from Archangel Raphael on the situation in Afghanistan

“What I would like you to know is that the important thing is to be in the spirit, and to ask from your spirit what you can do to assist. For some of you, it will be to give a prayer and offer it to the situation – ask that all the right things happen so the people in Afghanistan can be safe and well…”


Past Groups Library

Introducing the ability to purchase past groups from our library. We have found that each group has a theme with invaluable insights and clearings in them covering that theme, so made them available for purchase, with short descriptions attached.

Groups Subscriptions

Subscribe to any combination of Archangel Raphael’s groups monthly and receive free groups on longer months.

New product

Healing the Divine Feminine – Womb Healing talk

The second talk in the series – given in Totnes at the time of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

New product

Healing the Divine Feminine talk

Recording of a talk given in Shropshire, with messages and clearings from Archangel Raphael, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.

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