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Archangel Raphael’s Messages, Energy and Healing

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For £34 Archangel Raphael will give a message about the highest vision of your life in this incarnation, and talk about your spiritual signature in this life, i.e. what you are embodying on a soul level.

Latest message from Archangel Raphael

16 June 2024 NEW

GHAEN is all about supporting people to fully be in the spirit, to clear what is necessary to be who they are on a spiritual level on Earth and to do their life purpose.

Jabeen Jafferji is a channel of the White Brotherhood who are enlightened beings, and the being she works with the most is Archangel Raphael. She conveys messages and gives healing that he then administers with his angels and companions.

We publish content regularly on our YouTube channel, our Instagram account, and TikTok.

Weekly Live Stream with Archangel Raphael

15 June 2024, 11:00 am BST

This is a group that is available for people who have concerns, issues, have things going on in them. It is an open, non-interactive space for whoever wishes to join. Whatever is on your mind will be addressed if you are present at that time, and a recording will also be available to replay afterwards.

Inner Child Group

Every Tuesday at 7.30pm BST

The group is about receiving a higher energy from Raphael and this enables the people present to go deeper into parts of themselves that need energy work.

Clearing and Recalibration Group

Every other Friday at 7pm BST

These groups are an energetic reset. They are designed as an ongoing support group for people who are working on themselves to clear old energies and to keep embodying higher frequencies.

Groups Subscriptions

Subscribe to any combination of Archangel Raphael’s groups monthly and receive free groups on longer months.

Clearing karmic themes

What I would like to speak about now is generally karmic themes and what it actually means on a deeper level. So what I would like you to know is that when a karmic theme is fully shut down, it means that every single experience you have ever had, along those lines, is fully sorted out, is fully cleared. And as a result, if you are, in one way or another, in a relationship, in a situation, where this theme…

Upcoming events

You can follow this calendar on Google.

Shamanic clearing protocol by Jabeen

Daily shamanic clearing and protection protocol for 7 days. It will include the ascension of spirits in your dreaming field (dreaming field is made up of all those you are connected to and who you will connect with in the day ahead), dissolving shadow energies and intrusions, closing openings in the dreaming field and infusing with positive energies, dissolving spells and curses, and putting strong protection into each person’s dreaming field.

Energetic healing sessions and groups

If you need in-depth energetic clearing, Ivan, who’s been working with Jabeen on GHAEN for the past 4 years, is offering remote sessions to uncover deep unconscious patterns that are holding you back from being more aligned to your higher self and moving forwards. If you’d like to enquire about a session click here:

Bespoke Healing Retreats

We introduce Bespoke Healing Retreats – specially curated retreats for individuals who would like to experience direct support in person with Jabeen & Archangel Raphael, plus optional other practitioners with various modalities to further anchor and integrate healing and clearings with his overview and support.

Based in Glastonbury, England. We can also include visits to the sacred sites of Avalon, including the White Spring, the Tor, Chalice Well, The Magdalene Chapel and more as part of your retreat.