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Archangel Raphael’s Messages, Energy and Healing

GHAEN is all about supporting people to fully be in the spirit, to clear what is necessary to be who they are on a spiritual level on Earth and to do their life purpose.

Jabeen Jafferji is a channel of the White Brotherhood who are enlightened beings, and the being she works with the most is Archangel Raphael. She conveys messages and gives healing that he then administers with his angels and companions.

We publish content regularly on our YouTube channel and our Instagram account.

Where to begin?

  1. Join our livestream on YouTube, every Saturday at 11am BST, to get the latest updates on the current energies on Earth
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the latest videos by Raphael
  3. Check out our Clearings and Recalibrations Library – download relevant tracks to your phone and listen regularly when lying down or meditating
  4. Join our weekly groups in person or on Skype to go deeper into your energy and clear more layers
  5. Consider booking a 1-1 session or a personalised meditation with Jabeen
Last week’s group’s recording.

Weekly Live Stream with Archangel Raphael

Saturdays @ 11am BST. Click here for more information or watch the live stream here.

This is a group that is available for people who have concerns, issues, have things going on in them. It is an open, non-interactive space for whoever wishes to join. It is live at 11am on Saturdays for people who are able to listen in, otherwise have it in your mind and put your concerns and problems into the space, and you will get answers and healing. Whatever is on your mind will be addressed if you are present at that time, and a recording will also be available to replay afterwards.

When you are on the group, it does mean Archangel Raphael is very aware of you being there, so even if you feel you are not being spoken to directly, you will receive your own internal messages.

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Latest messages

Featured video – Clearing Past Lives

This is a special video dedicated to Jo Moon who passed on 4th October 2016. Jo Moon is the cofounder of GHAEN, the work Jabeen does with enlightened beings, and created a sanctuary of Light dedicated to the higher beings.

Jo Moon was a storyteller and writer, and is a fully enlightened being in spirit. Through her stories she brings visions of the future to humanity, and speaks on behalf of those who are unheard and unseen. She is gifted with tremendous insight and compassion and is able to see clearly what others cannot easily perceive.

You can follow Jo Moon’s work here. This website is in working progress and all donations given here will be used to work on it and develop it further.

Watch the replay

Live Healing Group with Archangel Raphael

Strengthening Sense of Self

Watch the replay here

Each of these groups will be on a different theme – when people gather together with the same theme it is more easily and more deeply cleared and resolved in everyone. It will last for around half an hour.

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Latest YouTube videos


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Information from Archangel Raphael and clearing energies relating to the topic.

Pick a Number

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Pick a number intuitively to receive a personal message on one of these topics.

Latest message

Quality of your energy

I would like all of you to be crystal clear inside that ultimately what defines your fate in life is your energy – the quality of your energy, and what defines the quality of your energy is your awareness of it, and what defines your awareness of it is the time you put into being with yourself, attuning to yourself. What I will say is time put into your energy, vibration, is always time well spent. Nothing will ever go wrong in your life by spending time with yourself, in your own energy, and working on it, and even if you do less work as a result, what you define as work – external work – you will have much more that happens in your life that is good, because you have put work in on the inside. All good things come to those who work with their energy and vibration – you are able to attract infinite abundance in this way, so do not ever feel disturbed that you are not doing enough on the outside. Focus on the state of your own being and know that this will always lead to good things.

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Upcoming events

All in-person events are held in a sanctuary in Wells, Somerset.

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Regular podcasts about the current energies that are around and what to do about them, how to be, and what to focus on.

Energy updates – 8 October Archangel Raphael messages and transmissions

Regular energy updates from Archangel Raphael.
  1. Energy updates – 8 October
  2. Clearing – active past lives and core life issues, suppressed expression
  3. Current times – going deeper, not being left out, foreboding predictions, high energies on Earth, purging old paradigm
  4. Clearing Trauma
  5. Energy updates – 19 June