So what I would like to talk about now is about the way some of you are generally feeling about life – when you feel dissatisfied with your life, remember that it is always a sign that you are going deeper into the light within, finding out more, and wanting more for yourselves. So this dissatisfaction is not a negative thing, but it becomes negative when you feel that the changes you would like to make are somehow not possible – perhaps feeling that certain things are just not able to be changed. It can be because of the place you are living – so perhaps wanting more privacy, but living in a place with other people and simply not having it, because there isn’t enough space; or it can be because of who you are living with, and so you are not able to make the changes you would like to; or it can be because of where you happen to be working, what you happen to be doing in your life, your line of work. But what I’m really trying to say is feelings of dissatisfaction are not negative, but they become negative when you cannot see a way out, when you feel trapped in a situation. And because of this a lot of people can feel that nothing is able to change in the way they would like, and so they find ways of dumbing down, of making themselves feel better, having some temporary relief, so their energy goes off sideways, and they do things like overeat, or other things that help them to feel better, but what they really want is something else. And when this goes on for a long time, when you have felt trapped in a situation for a long time, these habits that you have to make yourself feel better become a big part of who you are, your personality, who you believe yourself to be – and after a while you even start to forget the things that you really want and have wanted.

So this has happened for a lot of you, and what I want you to know is that when you start feeling these feelings of dissatisfaction come up – be with them, go into them, and create a vision of what you want instead of feeling frustrated, or angry, or sense that it is impossible – go a bit deeper, and get beyond the dissatisfaction, to a deeper part of yourself which is much more about creating newness. For some of you this will be difficult, because there may be a lot of trauma there – a lot of feelings – even of low self-worth, not deserving, or even being told by others in your early life that it was wrong to want certain things. So there may be layers to get beyond, but keep going deeper, and get to that place where you are really feeling what you want from a deep place, and when you are in this place there is nothing that will stop it from happening, because there is a lot to be said from being firmly anchored in these parts of you that deeply desire something for your life, and when you are really there on a deep level, there is an energy there that is automatically communicated to the Universe, and then the Universe will make sure it happens in the right way. You don’t need to know how it happens, you don’t need to even try to make it happen – once it has been communicated, it will start to manifest, and it is for you to allow this process, to go along with it, to not resist it.

So what I am wanting you to know is that this is hard to deal with these feelings of dissatisfaction – instead of giving up on the things you really want before you have really even given it a chance, it is about going deeper and getting to that place of deep feeling inside of what it is you really want, and allowing this to be communicated to the Universe, and allowing it to happen in the right way – letting go of your timing, of when you would like it, and let the Universe bring it in the right way, at the right time.

So this is something I want to share with all of you, particularly those of you who have problems in your life with addiction, with doing things which are not quite right, being quite unbalanced on the Earth plane. It is really important to go deeper into what you really want and feel it on the inside – so not about going simply into what you believe that you want, but what you really want on a deep level of your being. And I will say for some of you this will actually cure problems you have had for a long time – perhaps of overeating, perhaps of doing other things which are not really that good for you, like watching too much TV, or doing other things like going out and getting lost in the world – doing things that don’t really fully satisfy you.

What I am really wanting you to know is that deep desires are meant to be met – they are really meant to be in one way or another fully met by life, and when you have given up there is normally a good reason behind it. Perhaps it is because someone has been blocking you; perhaps in the past parental figures did not allow you to go and be with what you really wanted, and impose their desires onto you. But what I want you to know is, now you are able to have everything you have ever wanted, you can get beyond this, go deeper, know that you can have whatever you want, and that it will come to you in the right way, and if there is someone getting in the way of you having what you would, like then the Universe will sort it out, the right things will happen. I want you to know this, so you know that all obstacles can be overcome – everything can be rearranged, but it is about going deeper.

And what I want to add around this subject is that right now dissatisfaction is quite common, because people are going deeper, they feel more light around, and they are attuning to their deeper desires. And what I will say is don’t get stuck in dissatisfaction, and habits that take you away from the truth of yourself – give yourself time to go deeper.

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