1-to-1 Sessions with Jabeen

Jabeen offers 1-to-1 sessions by Skype.

I would like to speak about one-to-one sessions, and what to expect when you come to us. We are able to help you with a variety of things, but there is one thing that we cannot help you with, and that is to make decisions based on what is going on in your life in this moment. What we can do is give you relevant information – we can give you information that is about the spirit of the situation, but we cannot give you other information that is more precise, unless the energies are right.

It is good for you to know that we are able to be very present on the Earth where there is a resonant energy, however, where energies are very heavy and dense there is only so much we can see when it comes to other people, their situations, and what is going on. So what I will say is that I can help you to know more about situations, people in your life, by helping you to go deeper into your own being, to feel them out a deeper level. I can give you also additional information about the spirit of the situation, or the people in your life, but I could not give you information that will enable you to make decisions that are right for you on all levels, because you must feel this for yourself.

I am able to also help with a number of other things – I can give you the ability to go deeper into your being and help you to fathom out what is going on, and to clear away core life issues. I can help you to be more in alignment with Source, help you to remember the truth of life in general, and to align to it. I can also help you to better understand who you are inside, get to the root of who you are in essence, and help you to find your expression of it on Earth, but when you ask for precise information regarding decisions – whether you should go this way or that way – it is better for you to be in an energy where you are open to what we say, and hear it, but make your own decisions based on what you feel inside. That is all.

Archangel Raphael

£90 for a 1-hour session on Skype.

Jabeen is willing to travel to people’s homes and do groups on whatever subject people would like, i.e. channeled talks, Q&A, healing groups, specific subject healing groups, e.g. childhood trauma. If people are able to gather a group of 12 or more Jabeen is happy to travel there.

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