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I would like you to know that I do have many messages on this subject, but the most important message I have is that it is important for you to always focus on yourself and your own path of light – to know that underlying everything in life is you your own energy, who you are on the inside, and the reason I have this to say first of all is because I want you to know that ultimately being with the right person is all about deepening your relationship with yourself, before you are even able to be with someone who is right for you on all levels, spiritually as well as on the Earth plane, and once you have automatically reached a level of development within by focusing on it, rather than the external conditions around, you will find that you meet the right people, that you will be with the right person.

What I will say about this process is that it is something that many people fixate upon – that they truly believe that the right person will find them and they will be made whole again, when in fact it is the other way around – it is about focusing on the inside, finding yourself on the inside, becoming whole from the inside in order to find this on the outside. I want you to know that when it comes to the right person they can be absolutely anybody – you will never know whether you are with them until your energy is aligning to the oneness within on all levels, and until then you may recognise others to be a part of you, to be your twin, but you will not experience it on all levels until you are ready, and when you are ready the experience will be very satisfying – it will really fit with what you are feeling inside, it will resonate with you – but until then you will have to keep working on yourself, keep going within, keep going into the darkness within and finding more light.

What I want you to know is that ultimately your twin will be there for you and you may find that your twin ends up being someone you did not expect – someone who is showing themselves to you at the right time, who may already be known to you. I want you to also know that everybody does have one person who is their twin – that there is such a thing as an ultimate soul mate – there really is that one person for everyone. But what people are not understanding about this is that person is not necessarily going to be your life partner. That person is on their own journey, and they may not be ready to be with you and vice versa for many a lifetime, and in the meantime you will be with the right person, and if you are aligning on all levels to who you are in spirit you will end up with an equivalent person – someone who really is right for you on every level. I want you to also know that when it comes to your soul, there are several parts of it on Earth, and if your ultimate soulmate is not able to be with you, you will be with another part of your soul, if you are ready to be.

I also would like to share with you that those of you who feel that this is the most important part of your life – I am not going to disagree with you, but I would like to say that the more you focus on being with the right person, the more it will elude you. It is important to focus on yourself, knowing that what you are looking for is to be reunited with all parts of yourself, which then will occur on Earth – not only through your twin, but also through every single person being in the right place – being with your soul group, being with all the right people, doing the right job for you, doing it in the right way – and it is all a part of the picture.

I finally would like to share with you one more thing about this, and that is not everybody realises that sometimes when you are with the right person, who is right for you in spirit, you do go through problems which are insurmountable at times, that simply cannot be resolved by you being together, and you do have to separate, sometimes for lifetimes, in order to come back together. I want you to all know this – that being with your ultimate soul mate is not a requirement in order to be living an enlightened life. I want you to know that absolutely nobody is dependent on another person in order to evolve – that you are truly independent of each other in this way, that your energy does affect others, and as you change they change – but you are not dependent on any one person, and if someone is not willing to change – let go, and let someone else step in.

My main message is do not fixate on one person, do not believe that being with your twin is the be-all and end-all – do not let go of other parts of your life in order to be with someone who you believe is right for you, who you believe is the one you are meant to be with. Believe it or not, my most important message for you is to remember that those who tell you that it is important to be with the right one, who is your ultimate twin, are the ones who are not able to see clearly, because we see that there are many possibilities for each one of you. We want you to be free to be with the people who are right for you on all levels, to let go of outdated concepts, to let go of old-world conditioning that there is one person, one way of doing things, one path, one road, and to embrace life in its fullness, to enjoy your life to the fullest degree, to be able to see each person in your life as important, as just as important as the one you are partnering with – to see them in their own light, their own capacity to be with you in a particular way.

Finally I want you to also know that there are many angels on Earth at the moment – so many angels, that you may find occasionally that you end up with one of them, that you end up being in partnership with one and being very in love with being with each other. I want you to know that you may find your twin in this life is an angel incarnate – it may be like this, that if someone is not able to fulfil their role to you, an angel will step into their shoes, will be guided by God to be everything that you need, and they will feel joy at being able to serve you. There are many angels who have been specially created to take the place of others who are not able to fulfil their commitment to the oneness, and they will step in place of anyone who is not fulfilling their duty, what they have agreed to do. I want you to know there is a special group of angels created especially for this to step into other people’s shoes and do what is necessary, and it is their joy to do this. That is all.

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