I would like you to know that nobody has really asked any of you to be people you are not, and when you feel that you have been forced to be a certain way, it is always because there have been other things going on – perhaps past life energy, where there has been karma between you and others, which has created a type of dynamic which has made you feel a certain way – or it can be something else, such as something that is coming from your family lineage.

I would like you to know that the truth of the matter is that you are all able to be yourselves on every level, that nobody is stopping you, that you can speak your mind without being incarcerated, persecuted. For some of you you have not felt this for a long time, and again I will say that there are certain karmic struggles people go through for many a lifetime, and it is something that is quite particular that may start from a particular place, and then builds up and gets worse and worse, to the point where you feel that whatever you say may be misconstrued, and you may be incarcerated or falsely accused of something, but there is something else going on here.

What I want you to know is that full liberation from all of these places is possible in this day and age. I want you to know that in this day and age you are able to be free beings – you don’t have to be limited by any of these things, and in fact there is another place that you can go into, where you are automatically understood, given the benefit of the doubt, seen and heard clearly, a place where there are many other gods and goddesses, a particular place where enlightened beings reside on Earth that is, and what I want you to know is that there is this place that is here on Earth now – a place where there is an easy flow of information between people, where people are in their enlightened selves, more or less, and when they are not, they quickly come up to speed. I want all of you to be part of this world, to be with people who are enlightened, who are in this state, who are constantly coming up to speed in places where they are not there yet, so you can live lives that are fully free, where you are understood for who you are in spirit on Earth.

I also want you to know that where there has been a lot of karma in certain aspects of your life, you do need to experience their opposite in order to fully recover – so for those of you who have had a lot of persecution, restriction on your behaviour, and abuse for being who you are, you need the opposite in order to fully recover, so I want you to attune to this possibility – this place on Earth where this exists, to know that it is here, and to call it into your life, to know that everything that you feel about yourself on the inside is able to be understood and seen on the outside as well.

I have one more message about this, and that is once there is this realm fully established on Earth, you will find that people start to blossom more, express themselves more deeply, and the world becomes a brighter more beautiful place as a result.

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