I also want you to know that there is a lot to be said for changing your behaviour, according to who you are around, and the reason I want to talk about this is because I want you to understand that when you change your behaviour in order to accommodate other people and their energy, what tends to happen is that you then automatically create a bit of energy in you that is willing to compromise in order to be with others, and when you do this, there is going to be a discrepancy that builds up over time between you and others, where they may believe that you are happy being a certain way, when in fact you are changing in order to accommodate them. This creates are lots of misunderstanding, confusion, and even a feeling in others that you may not be being true to yourself and therefore, maybe untrustworthy, and what you feel that you have done is simply changed in order to try to be with others.

The reason I’m saying this is because I want you to understand how bigger problems are created. It all starts off with good intent, a feeling that you want to be with people, and you are willing to change yourself in order to be with people you want to be with, and then this grows over time into resentment that you are not able to fully be yourself, which then grows into bigger problems, which finally create separation. What I’m trying to say is ultimately the way to be with people is to be with yourself, true to your own energy, and then what you can do is expand yourself, so that you are able to be with others in a way where you are including them in your energy field, and through including them you will be able to have the right response to them – be appropriate. So rather than change your energy, be in your own energy, ground in it, and expand it to include others who you want to be with, and then see how energies meet. What I want you to know is that through this, you will automatically find harmony with people you are in harmony with in spirit, and what you will also find is that others are able to do the same for you – expand their energy to include yours. So what you feel is that you are not leaving yourself behind, but you are including others, and in this way, there will be greater oneness between you, because you are not abandoning yourself to be with others, and through this you have real energy to share that is authentic and true. I am saying this because it is important in this day and age to create relationships that are harmonious, that are in the light, but more than this, that really feel good on all levels.

I have one more message to give, and that is true authenticity is not about learning anything. It is quite the opposite – it is about going deeper within, and in one way letting go of all the earthly behaviour you have been taught, that you have learned, going deeper, and then through this sharing yourself and including others as you share.

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