What I will say is that life is constructed from many energies, some of which are from your spirit, but others are simply in one way or another constructs of the mind. So some people believe themselves to be superior to others, and based on this they have certain experiences; some people believe that they are inferior, and they have certain experiences based on this, but none of this is true. So what I will say is that life is constructed based on your beliefs/energies, and then when you are able to transcend your negative beliefs and be centred in your spirit you start to experience life as it truly is, which is an ever expanding series of events that create more and more joy and happiness for everyone – and when I say ever-expanding I mean life is designed to keep getting bigger and more wholesome in each and every moment, where people are connecting with each other more deeply, more expansively, where communities are growing stronger and bigger and brighter, where everything is continuously expanding until the whole of life merges with itself, becomes one with itself, becomes a unit that is working together very consciously in order to have the best possible experience of life together, rather than separately. What I will say is that when you are not experiencing this expansiveness then it is a sign that you are being limited by a construct, by an energy that is within you, or something around you. I hope this makes sense – that life really is one with each other – life really is about coming together and creating happiness for everyone together, including yourself, and a lot of what people have been living are constructs of the mind and energy body, based on energies that they have absorbed, based on energies that they have created through separation consciousness. That is all.