There are two ways of healing yourself, or two stages rather – and one is to feel your feelings, to clear the pain body by going within, feeling what has been and clearing it in various ways, including by asking us to clear it from the roots, and clear all the energies created thereafter. After this you are then going to be guided to do something on the Earth plane, whether it is take up a new activity, go somewhere, or you will perhaps meet someone who will then complete the healing, and this stage is all about you having your needs met on a deeper level. So if for example you feel that you have never been able to be yourself, if you feel you have been persecuted/oppressed/controlled/restricted, once you clear these energies, after this the next part of healing will be you being fully in your flow, doing what you love to do, and really enjoying it, and this will complete the healing – it will complete your energy in this part of your being, and after this you can move on to something else, because that part of your life will already be there.

What I mean by this is once something is fully healed in you, that part of your life will always be there – you won’t have to ever worry about it – like the same way that most of you here don’t have to worry about whether you eat or not every day, because you take it for granted – it is not something you wake up thinking about, wondering if you will have a meal today or not, because you have meals every day – you take it for granted, and the things that you take for granted are the things in your life that you already have, the parts of you which are well, so the things you don’t think about are the things you have already got energetically and that you experience in life.

What I want you to know is that everything that you think about, that you worry about, are parts of you that have not fully healed yet, and it indicates that either you have to do more internal work on clearing the issue, or that you need to receive something externally in order for the healing you have done to integrate. I want you to know that because of this, some of you may feel a bit concerned at times that your life will never change in the way that you would like, because you may feel that you have done a lot of clearing work on yourself, a lot of healing, but not notice that things are changing on the outside for you.

I want you to know that you may have some blocks to receiving from life – you may have got so used to going inwards, clearing your energy, and making yourself well on the inside as much as you can, but you may not be as used to receiving from life itself, which is a slightly different energy. What I mean by this is that it is very much about opening up your chakras to receive, and one of the best ways of doing this is going out in nature, where there is an abundance of good energy to receive, and where there is good energy your chakras naturally open up, you naturally are able to receive the goodness that is around you, and after you have been in nature your whole energy is more open to life, you are able to receive more, and through this you automatically experience more healing. What I want you to know is that receiving is healing – it is the same energy, and I want you to know this, that as you receive the goodness life has to offer, you will feel more well, and some of you here have forgotten this. I want you to remember this – to not get so caught up in healing your pain body that you forget to open yourself up to all the goodness life has to give you.

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