I have more messages to give, and some of these messages are coming from a much higher realm, because people are ready for these messages at this time.

I want to share with you that when you are on the Earth plane there are many levels that exist – so there is a level where people are very unhappy with their lives and trying to get to a better place, a level of self-development, personal development – and this level is the start of a spiritual journey.

Then there is a level that comes after, which is about getting to a point where you are able to acknowledge that you are creating your own life and feel much better generally about everything – where you feel generally OK, and you are focused on creating what you want in your life, whatever this is.

After this there is another level where you recognise that there is something deeper going on under the surface, which is about letting life be and work through you. So rather than trying to create your life you are allowing your life to happen in the right way – you are letting go and surrendering, and you may have a sense of what you want, but you are willing to let go and let life happen. You are no longer attached to what happens, knowing that what is right will be, and at the same time you are also proactive in that you are willing to do your best in order to make the right things happen in terms of what you are able to see at the time.

So if you are working with someone you do your best to help them, you do your best to help them feel good, to get better from illness, or whatever your job is, but then you are also able to let go and let life happen, knowing that there is something else going on. Perhaps it may even be something that is a bit negative that has affected the situation, but you are able to acknowledge that actually things will be right – ultimately you are able to let go much more.

Then after this there is another level, which is much more about being able to transcend this and actually be much more creative, but in a different kind of way – where your energy is so high that you can make the right things happen, so instead of surrendering to what is you are able to be much more influential. So you will get a sense of what is meant to be, and you can actually make it happen – you are able to influence the world in another sort of way. What I’m speaking about is people who can do miracles – who can see what is right without being told by anyone, just get a sense of it, and make it happen.

The reason I’m talking about these levels is because all of you have aspects of all of these levels within you – so you have an aspect where you are letting life be, and letting what is going to happen happen, and doing your best, but letting go. Another part of you that has a sense of what is right, and you want to be in a higher state, so you can make this happen. Another part that feels dissatisfied, and is wanting to improve aspects of your life. What I’m trying to say is, these levels can exist together in one person, and for some of you, you are a combination of a few of these levels, which can make you hard for other people to be able to understand, because you fluctuate between these different levels.

What I’m trying to explain is that life is not always a simple, easy process from one state to another – there can be different parts of you in different places, and those of you who are a combination of these states can sometimes feel very confused, as can others around you. I am explaining this because I want you to know that in this lifetime it is about being able to get to a place where there is something stable within you – a consistent state of some kind, whatever that is, and so what I’m trying to say is those of you who have all these states inside you, it is about lifting the parts of you which are struggling up higher. As you do this you will start to feel clearer and brighter, and there will be something more consistent and congruent in your energy.

What I also would like you to know is that in this life it is not about trying to be anything – it is about being able to appreciate where you are and do what is necessary in order to change state. For some of you it is about embracing your trauma and working with it; for others it is about other things – whatever you need to do – but I want you to know that this is what you are doing at the moment. All of you are appreciating where you really are, and you are noticing the discrepancies within you – the parts of you which are in a lower state than other parts and the way that it affects your life. So you may want something to happen, but it doesn’t happen because there is another part stuck in another place – so it is about bringing everything together at the moment. For those of you who are really struggling – ask for help, ask the Universe for help, and the right help will come to you.

I have no more messages, but the information I have shared is really valuable, and it may help you to understand why sometimes you get yourself in a mess with people with your life, because of these different states that exist within you.

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