I want you to know that there is such a thing at times of absolutely needing to let go of people in your life. Sometimes it is like this – that relationships get so filled up with toxic energy that there is no place to go with them anymore but to let go, and what happens is that energy clears automatically, and after this whatever is right happens. For some of you it will mean coming back together with those you have loved, and do love; for others it means part in ways permanently. But what I will say is that it is important to let go when things start feeling toxic, when the relationships you are in start to feel poisonous in some way, and by letting go whatever is right will happen.

What I want all of you to know is when you can trust this process you are able to live life in a lot more joy and bliss, and inner knowing that you are always going to be loved by the right people and vice versa, and through this what happens is that you automatically go into a higher perspective about life generally. A lot of people are held back because of old relationships which have been toxic, or are toxic – relationships with others are one of the ways that people hold themselves back at times. What I will say is I see the root cause of this is an attachment to the person, because there is a belief there that if you let go, the person will be gone from your life, and if you go deeper you will see that where there is love, there will always be a connection with the person in the right way where that love is allowed to flow without interference, without force, without any condition – the right thing will happen.

What I want all of you to know is the more you let go of someone you love, the more the right thing is likely to happen – sooner rather than later. I want all of you to practice this with all your relationships – letting go, and even when things are good between you and others, remember to keep letting go, because as you do this more love is able to flow, more light is able to come in, and the relationship can flourish and blossom even more.

Letting go is something that is about allowing, it is about allowing whatever is right to happen, and also as you let go your feelings towards those who are right for you will grow stronger rather than weaker, and vice versa. So when someone is really meant to be in your life, and you are meant to be close to each other, as you let go the feeling increases, and this is a sign that that person is right for you, and at the same time it is a by letting go further that you are able to be close to them.

I am explaining all of this in words because I want those of you who are struggling in relationships to know that this is how things work, and as you keep going down this road you will notice how this does work, and it will increase your ability to be able to do this.

My final message about this is that there is no such thing as needing to be with people unless the relationship feels good to you, and what I mean by this is that when you do love someone, but the relationship doesn’t feel good – the timing is not right. So let that person go and let the relationship automatically blossom at the right time. That is all.

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