What I would like to work on next is something else that you may or may not be familiar with, and that is clearing away energy that is coming in from the types of experiences you have had, which you then find that you attune to in the world. So for example, if you have been treated badly by your mother, you may start to draw in energies of the same vibration from people – so it is like you have had an experience, and that vibration is in you, drawing in energies that are in the same type of vibration energy, and then what happens is that you can end up clearing these energies for other people as well. So when people come who have had these kinds of experiences, you naturally soak up the energy and start clearing it for other people as well.

So it becomes like this – that you have a constant journey with particular energies, because there is no cutoff point in terms of the energy that is in you and the world around you. This is a very common experience, and it is actually the main reason why some people never recover from certain experiences, especially experiences where your energy is blown wide open – so energies which are all about abuse in particular, where boundaries are blown wide open. It means that there is no clear boundary between you and the rest of the world, so you are constantly processing the same energy, over and over again, coming in from many different places. So even if you are not in that energy anymore, in your life, you feel it in other people, and take it on as your own energetically, and clear it for them.

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