What I will say is that it is important to recognise that the afterlife is really as big as life on Earth. Life on Earth is massive, there are so many different types of lives people are living, so many different types of people, different energies – life is a big melting pot of many things, and the afterlife is the same – so it is no different, and in the same way as you have your place in this life, you have your place in the afterlife – your rightful place, where you fit in, where you are with friends, family loved ones, with people you resonate with. It is precisely the same – you are pretty much going to find that you have your place that you go to very fast, and that place will be very different to the Earth – much better and brighter, happier, more joyful.

In fact, it is more the life here that people fear normally when people are in the afterlife – they look at life on Earth and a lot of people are quite apprehensive about going back, knowing what it is like a melting pot of different energies – it is a very difficult place to be, whereas when the afterlife it is very simple – you will be in the right place at the right time with the right people, you will always end up there, and there is a lot more joy and happiness – there really is. I will go as far as to say that although the afterlife can seem big, it really is quite a simple place really – you just end up in the right place with the right people – it is automatic, you never feel alone because you are always connected, you feel good all the time consistently, you are never depressed, you are never without love, you are never without companionship. You go through short periods where you may feel like this when you are making the transition over, where you perhaps are going through a process of letting go of density – Earthly density – but then you end up in the right place.

I will say one more thing, and that is if you are really concerned about it, what you can do is go into a journey where you really go deep into your soul and you ask for an experience of the afterlife, and you will have one. Go within and get a sense from inside, because you can access this type of energy by going within. That is all.

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