I believe the answer to this is simple – that it is a mixture of two things – a mixture of that part of one’s life not being fully ready to take off yet, because something else needs to happen first – such as, for example, someone who would like to have a family, but what they first need to do is be financially stable, or do some other things – or someone who may want some sort of career in healing, or something else, but first what they have to do is get well themselves, and make sure that they are trained in the right healing modality for themselves.

What I will say is that the other reason is something else, and that is that someone can be carrying blocks within them – ancestral blocks, or other blocks they have in their psyche – perhaps beliefs that they are not good enough, the belief that they don’t deserve to have what they really want, the belief that they will never amount to anything – all kinds of beliefs, energies, ancestral patterns, perhaps even curses, sorcery, negative interference, stopping them from having what they want.

What I will say to all of you is that if there is an aspect of your life you feel unhappy about – go within and ask yourself the question – is it the first reason, or the second, and if it is the second, see if you can identify what it is, and work on clearing it – perhaps with the right practitioner, or by yourself. I will say for those people who are frustrated with their lives – remember that frustration will never get you anywhere, but deep inner work will – reflecting on the reason behind a part of your life not taking off can be valuable, identifying the true cause, and focusing on the part of your life that needs attention in order for other parts to flourish. That is all.

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