What I will say in response to this, is that it depends on the person – some people appear very normal, and that is because what they are all about is transcending their own circumstances, accessing the spirit, and being able to live life on a higher level, without getting involved in unnecessary drama, but other people are very advanced on a soul level, and when they are in a state of enlightenment they can really do a lot.

What I will say is there are many levels of enlightenment. One of them is to be able to transcend your circumstances, to be able to fully clear everything, and be in the spirit, and move forwards in this way consistently, without engaging in unnecessary drama – and this is one level, and people who are in this state can help many do the same, they can guide others as to how to transcend their problems and get into a better state, where their spirit can flow freely through their earthly vehicle.

Then there is a level that is above this, where people are very advanced in what they have been able to in one way or another accomplish on a soul level, where people have a level of expertise in particular areas in life, and these people are able to do quite amazing things – they may be able to, for example, read someone’s soul journey, their akashic records, and give people details about what they have been through. They may be able to do quite amazing things in other ways – they may have skills that are way beyond the norm, but that is because they have mastered these things in other lives.

And then there is a level above this, which is all about doing miracles, where people literally can make things appear, and they can do other things as well – all kinds of things – just make things happen simply by being there, and that is a very high level, where they have so much energy that they can do these things. But what I will say is for the most part being enlightened means to have transcended your personal life experiences, to be in a good state/a balanced state, being fully in the spirit, and sharing with other people this state – this good state, helping people transcend their own circumstances, and then what happens after this is the person advances, learns more. That is all.

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