I want you to know that when you are on a healing path in life – a path that is consciously about healing – you will notice that you move forwards faster than others, because you are always going deeper, and clearing, and healing, restoring parts of yourself, and this enables more to happen in your life that is deeply fulfilling. So I would like you to know that the healing path is a good one – it has times where you feel nothing is happening, but ultimately you will be brought everything that you have ever wanted. It is a path that is about going deeper, reflecting on what has been, learning from it, and making changes accordingly. It is a path where you are restoring yourself, where you are walking forwards in a conscious way of what you need, what you really desire. It is a path that really recognises that you have been wounded, and in this way you will not wound others through your unhealed parts – you will instead restore yourself, and be a healing influence in other people’s lives.

And finally, I want you to know that no one will ever be able to be in your life and stay there who is going to wound you further, because on the healing path you will recognise fairly fast when something is not right for you – you will not have to go down tunnels that take you into deeper despair, so you can recognise the wounds which are there.

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