The best way to treat it is to be very much with the person and look at their symptoms first. One way of treating it is to get the person to be able to relax first and foremost, and go back to their default setting – the setting that is free of post-traumatic stress, and one way of doing this is to give them a lot of positive energy, help them relax, and in this state you are able to work on them bring them back more and more, retrieve parts of their spirit, which have been in one way or another sent away, because they it could not be there; also work on other aspects of their energy, help them to feel more grounded in their body, give them a lot of reassurance. I will say the best way is to work on their state when they are relaxed – getting people to a state where they are able to access their default setting, their setting that was there before they have been interfered with by life – and then from there build them up, rebuild them, find out what has gone wrong, and build up their energy. Another way is to deal with the symptoms, and when people are experiencing high levels of stress and they go into patterns, tell them to stop and notice what they are feeling, focus on their breathing, and ask them to go deeper into their feelings, their emotions – access their original trauma, and be present with a witness. What I will say is that there are many ways, but we believe one of the best ways is to get people to relax, get them to their default setting as much as you can, and go from there – rebuild them from that place. That is all.

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