Some of you have certain goals – they may be around quite simple matters, such as physical health, fitness – goals which are very personal to you; or you may have larger goals such as to create something much bigger than yourself, for the greater good – but whatever your goal is you are able to attain it, and I would like to share information as to how to do this fast.

I would like you to know that every single goal you have already exists in the ether, so when you aspire, for example, for physical health that is very extreme in the way that you are particularly fit and you are able to perhaps lift heavy objects – much heavier than what normal people can lift. When you have very particular goals like these what you are able to do is attune to the consciousness that exists around this – around fitness – and you are able to start identifying with this. So you can literally start seeing this happening around you – everywhere you go you will then attract what you need in order to make this your reality. What I will say is that you are able to see this happening in a very visual way, but also you are able to attune to this consciousness and get the feeling behind it, and stay in this feeling, and then keep attracting what you need until you reach your goal.

What I will say about such goals is that they are the ones which are able to be attained through sustained focus, and then there are other goals which are very different. These goals are cosmic goals, where you feel that you would like to be your full potential, but you may not know what this is. You have a feeling inside that you want to be everything that you already are on a spiritual level, but you are not sure what this will look like. These sort of goals are quite different – they are non-Earthly goals – they are your inner desire to be all that you are on a spiritual level on the Earth plane, and it comes with a certain openness – an ability to automatically adjust your viewpoint of who you believe yourself to be, based on what you are shown automatically by the light of oneness. In this way what you are doing is being open to life showing you the truth in each and every moment. When you have such goals it comes with a certain level of autonomy as well, where you are able to then have a say over how you would like to express yourself on Earth. So what I will say about these sort of goals is that it is important to be centred in yourself, as well as open to life and what you are shown, and then you are able to automatically work with the universe in order to fulfil your destiny in a way that feels good to you on all levels. So in this way you are able to make decisions based on who you feel yourself to be in any one moment – you are able to make decisions that feel good to you on an Earth body level, as well as on a spiritual level.

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