I would like all of you to be crystal clear inside, that ultimately what defines your fate in life is your energy – the quality of your energy, and what defines the quality of your energy is your awareness of it, and what defines your awareness of it is the time you put into being with yourself, attuning to yourself. What I will say is time put into your energy, vibration, is always time well spent. Nothing will ever go wrong in your life by spending time with yourself, in your own energy, and working on it, and even if you do less work as a result, what you define as work – external work – you will have much more that happens in your life that is good, because you have put work in on the inside. All good things come to those who work with their energy and vibration. You are able to attract infinite abundance in this way, so do not ever feel disturbed that you are not doing enough on the outside. Focus on the state of your own being, and know that this will always lead to good things.

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