Afterlife is something you are not quite able to fully grasp whilst you are in physical incarnation. I will go as far as to say that whatever we say, you will not really get a sense of what it is truly like, until you arrive there. It is like this – that when you are in spirit, you do not need to sleep, because you have no body; you do not need to eat as you well know; you do not need to do certain things that the body needs. The reason the body sleeps is because it absorbs a lot of energy, and sleep enables the body to have a rest, and the energies to clear. The body also needs time in order to replenish – it needs time in order to renew itself on a cellular level – but when you are in the spirit realm you don’t have these needs.

I would like you to know that time is very different in spirit – everything feels different, everything is faster and cleaner, everything is energetically clearer. You will find that ultimately you will be able to hear music, but in a different way – not audibly, but you will hear it in another kind of way – it will be a sense that there is music, but you will feel it inside. What I will say is that sound is not in any way heard, but you know automatically what is going on, what is being said, what is conveyed, and when it comes to other senses you do have them, but it is different – you see things in all different ways, shapes, colours, even sounds – you see in shapes and colours, as well as get a sense of them.

It is so different, that even if we told you, you would not be able to fully understand, but what I will say is that it is a realm which is very buoyant with all types of experiences – it is abundantly blessed with all types of experiences that you can experience with your senses, but your senses are different. That is all.

I will say one more thing, and that is in the spirit realm there is a lot of joy, a lot of happiness. It really is a light realm, a happy realm, a realm that even where there are problems on Earth that you pick up on, where you can find answers quite quickly. That is what I see – but what I say cannot really be conveyed to you clearly. I can give you an inner experience if you like, but that is all I can do.

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