What I will say is that we do have time in our realm, because what we do is we make sure that we are close enough to Earth in order to have an impact, but what we experience is that time is very different to how you feel it – it is faster, it is something like a blink of an eye, and that can be in one way or another years in your time. What I will say is that we move fast, we do things fast in the realm we are in – there are no limitations on our energy in the same way that your energies are limited, because you are bound in time and space to such a large extent – but we can move very quickly from one place to another, so it is like we can be in many places at once because we move so fast.

What I will say is that time in our realm is so different, that it is like having no time at all, so what we can do is we can see years ahead quite easily, because years ahead is literally just like looking a minute ahead in your time, and you can normally tell what will happen in the next minute because it is so close to what you are living now. What I will say is in order to really understand life in the realm we are in you need to simply look at your own lives, but in a different way – so see your life you are living now as simply one part of everything else. So the lifetime you are in is one part, and then the lifetime you have had before is another part, and when you put all those parts together you can see it as a lifetime, and that would in one way or another reflect how we see time, how we experience it. So one lifetime is equivalent to a small part of many, many, many, many other lifetimes – all these lifetimes put together, so what you experience in a few years is so short in our world, it’s how we see it, how we feel it.

I hope all this makes sense, and in order to get more for sense of what you experience we come closer and closer to Earth, and the closer we come, the more everything slows down for us, the more that we can start to see things through your eyes – but when we are very high, it really is moving so quickly, it really is, and then it is more difficult for us to get a detailed view of everything that goes on, which is why we come down to Earth and try to be as close to you as we possibly can be. I hope this explains it – it is the best way that I can translate our experience to you.

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