I would like you to know that the absolute is all about being in the now, in the here and now. It is what is in one way or another always was and always will be. It is not about what is going on in this particular moment of time, but it is about what always has been, and what always will be. It is about what is true beyond all other truths, so it is a bit like this – a place where you are able to go when you have worked through and resolved all your issues, all the issues you have within you that take you away from the Eternal. It is like this – that it is a place where you are able to really let go and just be, knowing that everything is taken care of, that everything is in the right place at the right time, and when you are in this place everything works out for you, because whatever you attune to you experience. So when you are in the absolute your life becomes easy and effortless, but it is a process to fully get there, because you have things in the way – but when you are fully grounded in the absolute in your body, then there is nothing that can really go wrong. I hope this makes sense.

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