The essential steps towards enlightenment are firstly to be able to be in your own energy – to feel yourself inside, what you want, what you would like from your life – get to know yourself, get to know who you are, and even get to know the parts of you that are not quite right – be with yourself. After this, it is about allowing yourself to be transformed by the light, by going within, accessing the light within, and allowing it to transform you, however you do this – allowing yourself to be worked on, transformed, and even going to people and places who are able to help you with this, who are able to help you to access more light and transform deeper parts of yourself into light. And then the next stage is being able to offer something to others that is of value – something that you really feel it is for you to offer – feel what you would like to give and give it. And finally the final stage is to be able to fully embody the light – so this comes with time and practice to be fully embodied in the light, and after this it is all about being able to be there all the time, and after this stage there is nowhere else to go. That is what I see.

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