I will say that there is a higher spiritual reason, and that is all about bloodline. I want you to know that certain races have certain qualities to them – different races have different attributes, so when you are born a certain race it is that you will have stronger qualities in certain directions. So I will give an example here – that someone who is Chinese for example will be more able to be in a certain part of their spirit, they are more able to really concentrate and be able to focus their mind and energy on a particular outcome, and make it happen. The Chinese race they have a particular aspect of consciousness well-grounded in their DNA, which is all about focused attention, intention, making things happen in this way, and then if you are born a race where you are all about being in the spirit in another way you will have energies like this that are running in your blood very naturally, accessible to you. So what I will say is that the race you are born into is significant, and I am able to give you more information about each and every race, but this is not the time, but what I will say for those of you who are in the UK, who are English, I will say for you that your particular race is all about being able to really be very compassionate and kind – there is a goodness to this race, there is a compassion, and there is also a sense that you must do the right thing – a sense of wanting to do the right thing. I will say that this is running in the blood.

Dutch and German people

What I will say is that German people have a quality of consciousness grounded in them, which is very much to do with being able to get a job done, being efficient, orderly, being able to bring order to chaos. They are very good at grounding the light of oneness in a way that creates a lot more order on an everyday level, which then enables higher aspects of the spirit to be grounded. They are good at building solid foundations, so that the rest of life is able to flourish.

Dutch people are bit similar, but different as well – it is more about being able to really be in the light when it comes to efficiency, but also being able to see that you are able to make the most of people’s differences, that everyone has a place in life. What I see is that there is a particular frequency in Dutch people that is all about making things work as efficiently as possible by utilising everybody’s skills. There is an inclusiveness, there is a very subtle layer within this, where there is a celebration of diversity, but it is very subtle actually – perhaps not even noticed by the majority, but there is something there about this, about being open to different types of people. That is what I see.

Polish people

What I will say about the Polish nation lineage, is that it is all about something else altogether, which is a way of being, which is about being able to be in any type of situation and flourish – an adaptability, flexibility, ability to make the most of whatever situation they happen to be in.

Jamaican people

What I will say about the Jamaican race is that it has a particular energy that is all about being lighthearted in the spirit – a lighthearted compassion, joy, exuberance – there is a lot of energy that is about joy and sharing this with others, staying light-hearted no matter what. That is what I see.

Is it positive for races to mix and have children together?

Certainly mixing races is a very good thing to do – it can bring out the best of different ancestral lineages, and the child can then have a multi-faceted approach to life based on the qualities it has in its heritage. It can be able to do more with life, because it has more different attributes at its disposal, but what I will also say is although race is important, it is not everything, because people can develop the qualities of other races – you are able to attune to a particular race that has a particular quality, and develop it by attuning to it. You do not have to be a particular race to have a particular quality well developed – you can develop it by attuning to that race. That is all.

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