I want to cover another issue, which is a strong feeling inside that whatever you do in life is not quite good enough, and this comes from feelings you have inherited partly from your lineage, and partly from lifetimes where you have had a lot on your plate, and not enough energy to deal with it all. So when you did things and it did not quite go in the way you would have liked, it is to do partly with being malnourished and burdened with many things to do, which you did not have enough life force energy for, and partly from your lineage, which actually has had the same issue of being burdened with a lot without enough nourishment.

What I will say is the feeling of not being good enough, of not quite doing things well enough, is something many people share, particularly those who have been neglected as children or malnourished in some way, and it is also something that people often use against others. So when people have this feeling there will always be someone around reflecting this – saying that that person is not quite good enough, that they are doing something wrong. Being not good enough is something that really does come from neglect, from being malnourished, not given something that you really needed in order to have enough energy to do things in the way that you would like.

Being not good enough is also connected to somehow believing that there is something inherently wrong with you, which again is connected to neglect, because when children are neglected they do subconsciously believe it is because they are less worthy of attention than others, that they deserve less somehow, which is why they get less.

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