I would like you to know that there are many reasons why it is important to focus on emotional healing. The most important one is that when you are healing emotionally you are automatically clearing energy – you are clearing old energy from your system, as well as getting to the root of any problems you may have in your life. Remember that emotions always indicate something – a good positive feeling in yourself can indicate that something is really touching you in the right places; however, if you have a lot of negativity in your system it is often because some part of you has been neglected in one way or another.

I believe it is important to really focus on getting to the source of whatever you are feeling, because through this you are able to go much deeper into your healing and clear out what is in the way of you receiving what you would like to from life. For example, if you are receiving a lot of negativity from the outside it is often because there is something in you that is struggling, something in you that somehow is not feeling full of life, and then it is easy for other people to start making fun of you or somehow taking advantage of you. Remember that when you are struggling inside or where there is a lack of energy that is where other people or other circumstances are able to come in, to make your life feel like a misery on the outside. I would like you to always focus on getting to the source of where something has started in your life.

Remember that emotionally it is always about getting to the source of something and in this way you can start working through the true source of the problem instead of focusing on the external. Sometimes when you are immersed in healing yourself on the inside it is very difficult to even focus on the outside, and the more you focus on your inner world the more the outer world starts to change automatically. I would like everyone listening to this to pay more attention to how they feel inside, and get to the source of feelings, and really work with the source rather than working through the residual emotions you have as a result of circumstances, because most of the time these are simply feelings that are generated by you being in life and responding to what is going on on the outside, and what you are really trying to do in this lifetime, and every lifetime, is to go deeper and get to the root of it all. Underneath whatever you are experiencing in this moment, or what you have experienced in other moments, there will be something deeper, something that you have perhaps experienced a long, long time ago that you have never really gotten over. Remembering that you have roots inside is a very good way of clearing any issue, because everything will have started somewhere – vibrationally speaking this is always the case.

I would like to say a few more things; however, be aware that not everything I’m saying may be relevant to you in this moment, however it is all information that you can use as and when it’s relevant. Sometimes it’s more necessary to focus on healing yourself rather than trying to fix the situation. Sometimes it is more important to really take a break from life and do this; at other times you do need to be there for other people, you need to somehow be there, so you need to be able to momentarily let go of how you are feeling in order to provide a service to someone else. When you are in such a position, remember that you are not ignoring how you feel – you are simply putting it to one side until you have the opportunity to deal with it.

I have one more thing to say, and that is you are not the ones who are going to make changes for other people in their lives, so it is never necessary for you to compromise yourself for other people and their needs. It is only that sometimes you are providing a service and you need to stay centred in your light in order to give what you have to give to a situation. However, ultimately your feelings are very important and they do need to be worked with, and ultimately it is your feelings that will carry you to a better life. That is all.

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