When you are here on Earth, some people are going to be very sympathetic to you, but others will not, because they have their own pain and trauma. Those who are not will even start to blame you for what you feel, what you go through, because it will be inconvenient to them that you are not in the state they would like you to be in. For those who are often finding this in life, what I will say is be very mindful of who you have in your personal life, because a lot of people really have no time for others who are constantly in a state of needing help. A lot of people want to carry on going forwards with their own lives, and some people will be able to be there for you, but in a way where you are not having to rely on them, but in a way where they are willing to be with you regardless of your state, and they are not really that bothered if you are not feeling well. They simply are happy to be in your company, and they are able to have compassion for whatever you feel.

What I’m trying to say is look out for people who you feel are OK with you, regardless of how you are, how you feel. Watch out for them, and they are the people who are right for you to have in your personal lives. For some of you who are hearing this, you may feel that you have never come across such a person, and I would like you to know that it is perhaps because you have not realised that this exists. But what I will say is that the people to have in your life on a personal day-to-day basis are people who are able to acknowledge, appreciate you, regardless of your state, and at the same time for you to know that it is not for you to put all your emotional baggage onto them – to be with it yourself. It is not for you to expect them to meet all your needs, but it is for you simply to be with what you are feeling, and know that you are accepted as you are.

The reason I’m saying this is because there is a lot of wounding in the world connected to feeling that you have to be well in order to be with people, because a lot of people can’t cope with consistent unwellness in others, consistent feelings of pain and trauma – and because of this the person who is traumatised already gets re-traumatised by how other people respond to them.

What I would like you to know is don’t ever feel that there is anything wrong with your state when you have these experiences. Know that it is because other people can’t deal with it, and ask the universe for the right people to step in.

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