What I would like to share with you is that there is a big difference between needing to actually change yourself and your behaviour, and only a need to go within in order to clear what is in the way of having your needs met. A lot of people mistake the two – they believe that when they have a need a real need that they are not able to have met, that there is something that they have to change in themselves, in their behaviour, when in fact it is often quite the opposite – it is more about life needing to change, to be transformed by going within. By going deeper into your own being you are able to find the root cause of what you are experiencing, which can be early childhood neglect, or many experiences in other lives of not having your needs met. As you go into your inner being and your pain body you will be able to transmute what is going on and then experience life differently.

I want you to know that there really is a lot to be said for understanding this on a deeper level – for truly understanding this – that there is often nothing you are doing wrong when you do have an experience where your needs aren’t met. It is an energy that is there within you, in your subconscious – something that you may not be aware of in your conscious state. I am also saying this because I want you to more deeply understand why some people always feel that they are left out – why some people feel that they are never catered for in life – it is because there is something there on a deeper level, and no matter what is done on a behavioural level it won’t change, unless that person goes deeper.

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