Feelings of injustice


Includes a text transcript

Feeling justice and truth prevail, inner alchemy
Parts of your life you don’t understand
You will find what you’re looking for – those with a longer journey will have more answers


  • Being at peace in life
  • Theme of injustice, being disempowered
    • Minor injustices
    • Deeper themes
      • Speaking the truth, being falsely accused
      • Being accused of not doing something
      • Feeling unappreciated
      • Serious matters
      • Family members
    • Positive contract for fairness, truth and justice

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Messages from the group

Achieving truth and justice on Earth

I will say that where you are, in one way or another, resonating with truth and justice, you are going to find that this is always in some way or another achieved on Earth. And it is important to remember that as you clear injustice from your vibration, there will be justice automatically, because the universe supports this – the universe is all about balance, justice and truth. It is not about unfairness, and it is only energy that is trapped that creates this, so as you keep clearing your own energy, your vibration will actually rise, and it will be that this is all that is possible around you. Because ultimately, the truth is what is when you are free of karma, free of negative energy, and you have set yourself free from all kinds of cycles, patterns, all types of energies that have got trapped in you. So it is good to remember this – and the same is true when it comes to the world generally. So remember that this is the way forwards for humanity – to clear trapped energy, to clear trauma, and then truth will automatically be the default vibration, energy, and the ultimate outcome for everybody.