Finding more of your true self



  • Life is readjusting
  • Year of physical changes manifesting
  • Feeling lost
  • Things that take you away from the connection to deeper parts of yourself


  • Finding more of yourself
  • Distortions around the connection to your true self
  • How you’re perceived by others
  • Energies you’re stuck in
  • Debris that don’t belong to you
  • Powerful lives with archetypal energies
  • Energies that are not your own
  • Things you’re attuning to
  • Transmission of bringing more of you

Closing messages

  • Receiving new energy
  • Making a positive difference in the world

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Messages from the group

Receiving new energy from your higher self

What I will say about receiving new energy is that it actually amplifies your ability to know what is right for you – it amplifies your ability to be able to be much more grounded in the truth of who you are. But most of all, it amplifies your ability to be able to really make a difference on Earth by doing less. It actually makes it possible for you to make a bigger difference, and it means that you don’t have to do as much, because the more energy you have in you from your higher self, the less you have to do in order to make a difference. I hope this makes sense, because the light of your higher self has a great power to it. Spiritual light that is embodied is extremely powerful. That is what I would like you to know – that as you receive new energy, it actually amplifies your ability to really be able to make a difference, and this is the sort of energy I see that you would all like, because actually, right now on the planet, the world is changing – life is changing for everyone, and many light workers come because they really want to make a difference. They want to influence life in a positive way, they have particular energies they want to bring into people’s lives. They want to really show people things which are possible, things which are really very real, but they perhaps have not experienced up till now. Some light workers come to actually become everything that they know is possible, so they can be examples for others.

So it is really important to be able to be in that experience within, where you have the energy within you to actually be able to make a very positive difference in the world in whatever way you do it, to really feel that you have access to your true self. And what I will also say about this, is those of you who really have a lot to give on a soul level, you will find yourself actually feeling inside a lot more relaxed once your true self is very much present in your everyday life.

So those who have a lot to give inside can feel frustrated if they feel somehow not able to do it in the way that they would like, in the magnitude they would like to be doing it. But once they are in the light of their true self, there is an automatic sense that actually, it is all OK. That they are able to serve their purpose, make a big difference, and do it in a really lighthearted way, because when you are really in this energy, everything that you do becomes very effective, from the smallest things to the largest things. That is what I would like you to know.

Incarnating more parts of yourself

So what I would like you to be aware of is that in each moment more of you is incarnating – so your higher self is absolutely gigantic, but only a part of it is actually here in terms of being fully incarnate. And what happens over time is, as you keep clearing out old patterns, old ways of being, old energies, which are not your true self, more of your true self comes in – it actually becomes embodied, and this energy is then very powerful, because the light of your true self that is here on Earth has a tremendous power – it has the ability to transform life, many people.

People are not always realising that simply being embodied and incarnate is very powerful, without even doing anything, and when you are really there, in this place of being embodied as your higher self on Earth, it gets to a point where the energy that you emanate is enough to actually restore balance and harmony on Earth. It really gets to this point, but people generally don’t get there, and those who do are generally the ones who are revered by many in terms of people really wanting to be around them, and so as a result they end up very much about helping those who come to them. But what I am seeing in the new age is that many people will actually get to this point, where they are really very much incarnate, fully and completely as who they really are – their higher self will be here on Earth, and through this there will be a lot that happens spontaneously much more easily.