Going into different aspects of you


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Energies going forwards very fast
Cohesion in the community
New, transparent way of being in the world
Staying protected from being taken advantage of


  • External energies
    • Psychic attack, negative interference, targeting light workers
  • Feeling overwhelmed by things
  • Negative ancestral energies, with the Diamond light
  • Negative energies created by yourself – core wounding
  • Active things in the timelines – parallel lives, future lives
  • Active contracts, oaths, soul decisions
  • Highest timeline activation, optimal results

Flowing with life

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Ancestral energies vs higher guidance

Sometimes you are going into places where you are actually doing things unconsciously, without thinking about it, believing it is perhaps even your higher self guiding you. What I mean by this, is that it may be for example, you have ancestral energies that are very strongly charged when it comes to letting go of the self and being in service to others, so you can be doing things for others, seemingly from an altruistic place. It may even feel good to you on one level, to let go of your own needs for others. And it may actually lead to you doing seemingly really good things in the world, and even being celebrated for it, but it is actually coming from a place that is very deep and ancestral in you.

The problem with ancestral energies is that they can in some way, sometimes look a bit like energy that is coming in from a higher source, and that is because they are in you and they are dormant, they are asleep, a lot of the time actually for most of you, because you are mainly looking after yourselves in this life and being self-aware, making good decisions, tuning in. So these ancestral energies go to sleep when you are being conscious, when you are awake, when you are trying to do your best and make good decisions. And then what happens is they can suddenly be activated by something. And then in a particular moment, you can have a really strong feeling to do something, and it can feel like guidance because it is so strong, and it comes comes upon you suddenly, but these can be ancestral energies, and the way to know the difference between guidance and ancestral energies is to actually give yourself a few moments, to give yourself a small break, and really go into yourself and get a sense of what is going on. And when it is true guidance from your higher self, what you will notice is that there will be a feeling within it of peace, of total peace, something that is really very strongly there, something that feels good, but also is peaceful. But when it is ancestral, it can feel like something else, something a bit more urgent, something that just must be done at all costs, something that feels a little bit like you have no choice, it is also really urgent, and just must be done, without any thought put into it. I hope this makes sense – it is a certain kind of urgency. Whereas when it is true guidance, there is a peace within it that actually creates a natural openness when it comes to going deeper into it, so there is not as much, in one way or another, reluctance to question it – there is more openness. And as you ask questions, you get more clarity, because you are tapping into an unlimited energy, a limitless energy – so as you go deeper into your guidance and ask questions, you get more information. I hope this makes sense.