Deep karmic themes


Includes a text transcript


  • Things you need to engage in
  • Core life issues
  • Energies other people bring into your life
  • Identifying energies


  • Being in a state of poverty
  • Feeling unable to be in your power
  • Being in your own energy
    • Being unable to come out of your energy
  • Not being seen for who you are
  • Being in your own light
  • Being scapegoated

Closing messages

  • Closing a karmic theme
  • Feeling this is how life is
  • Being prepared to go within

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Messages from the group

Clearing karmic themes

What I would like to speak about now is generally karmic themes and what it actually means on a deeper level. So what I would like you to know is that when a karmic theme is fully shut down, it means that every single experience you have ever had, along those lines, is fully sorted out, is fully cleared. And as a result, if you are, in one way or another, in a relationship, in a situation, where this theme has been active, then it will automatically be resolved. It also means that as a result, you will be ready for new experiences. So actually closing a karmic theme is a very big thing, because it not only means that things are transformed, that have already been, it means that a new layer of energy is ready to come in, on a higher level, actually. And as a result, you are able to experience things you may not have done before, such as being seen for who you really are, and suddenly finding yourself appreciated, seen by many people, even large groups of people, which may be a completely new experience for you. It can even be that suddenly, you experience abundance in every aspect of your life, if you have been working on the theme of abundance. But what it means is a major change in one way or another, and what happens with this change is that actually other things can be activated in you.

I will also say another thing about karmic themes, is that they can feel like that that is just how life is.

So an example can be that you are suddenly inundated with lots of appreciation, but then you may find yourself struggling a bit and feeling that perhaps you are not fully worthy. So you may have worthiness issues that come up, that need to be worked with. So every time you move up a level, there will be a new set of problems that arise to work with, a new set of energies. And then it is for you to work with these until they are complete, and then there will be something new ready to come in, which will bring up a new set. So it is important to remember that just because something is ready to close, it doesn’t mean you will be problem-free for life. The more you grow, the more you expand, the more that comes up from within you – new doors open, and new things arise for you to go into, because you have all had many types of experiences, many different lives. So as you’d open the door for being appreciated more, then perhaps all the experiences you have had over all lives, where you were, perhaps, in the limelight, perhaps seen and heard by many, then all of these issues come up. So it could even be you have a new karmic theme that opens up, around perhaps being so much in the limelight and appreciated that you feel a bit, in some way or another, suffocated, like you do not quite have enough space for yourself. So then that needs to be worked with and resolved, and I will say that it is important to get to a point where you take these things in your stride, that you don’t take it too seriously, where you can just recognise that something is opened up, and you can work with it until it is ready to close.

What you need to do with karmic themes, is work with them energetically first, before you make changes on the Earth plane.

I will also say another thing about karmic themes, is that they can feel like that that is just how life is. So you will know it as a karmic theme, because whatever you do, you keep having the same experience. You may keep trying to have a different approach, a different way of thinking, being, but somehow you keep getting the same result, and that is how you know it is a karmic theme. Because with karmic themes, they have a lot of energy, generally, behind them, and so even if you act, think differently, try to do things differently, the energy tends to dominate. So what you need to do with karmic themes, is work with them energetically first, before you make changes on the Earth plane. So it is important to get a sense of the energy, how much energy is there, and how to work with it. So for some karmic themes, it may need a lot of emotional work, a lot of purging of emotions around a particular subject, such as rejection, abandonment, being left by those who you deeply love. So feeling all those feelings, clearing the pain body, and then after a while, it will be ready to close down. You will have felt everything you need to around the subject, you will have even reached new insights, such as realising that all those experiences you had, were perhaps simply to do with the people, rather than how life is, and you are ready then to have a new set of experiences, where the people you love are very loyal to you, stay with you, and in this way, the right people come to fulfil that experience for you.

Nobody will be free of karmic themes, until they are really prepared to go inwards, to go deeper within.

What I will also say about karmic themes is that there can even be a sense in you about them, that whatever you do, it just won’t change. And this is another sign that it is a karmic theme – and again, it is really about working through all these energies, all these feelings, and all these different configurations of thought forms you may have.

I have one more message to give – and that is, nobody, actually, in the world, will be free of karmic themes, until they are really prepared to go inwards, to go deeper within. And for those of you who are very dedicated to this, you will actually be fully free of all karmic themes in this life. And when you get to this point, life will feel much easier. There will be a consistent flow – there will be a sense that life is good in all ways, because once all karmic themes are closed down, it actually becomes quite easy to be very much in your higher self on Earth, especially when you are very dedicated to this – where you are already going within, meditating, accessing deeper parts of yourself. Once the karmic themes are over, then the flow becomes automatic, spontaneous – it becomes something easy to be in, and through this, you start to actually see how easy life can be. So I see for those of you who want this, you can get there in this lifetime. But remember, it will be a journey, because karmic themes are not easy, actually, even to engage with – there can often be a lot of pain there, a lot of difficulty, actually. And so, it is really important to recognise that this is just how it is with these things, and as you embrace the pain body, you will find that you become clearer and lighter, faster. I have no more to say.