You are all working on many levels at once, so it is true to say that all of you are working on astral levels as well as on higher levels. You are all working multi-dimensionally, and when you have a physical body you have a part of you that is able to travel, go to places far away without physically having to be there. I will say that certainly you are working astrally; however, it applies to all of you equally – it is not unusual to be doing things on an astral level that you are not fully aware of in your physical form. I also would like to add that by working astrally you are able to be in more than one place at once and get a really accurate viewpoint of what is going on there in a very physical way, because your astral body is very grounded to the Earth plane, and it is able to perceive a lot. I would like you to know that when you are doing a lot of astral work you may find you get exhausted quite fast, so it is good to do astral work consciously if you can, because in this way you are in control of where your energy is going. Certainly astral traveling is a very useful way of getting a sense of the energy that is elsewhere, of what is going on in ways that your spirit cannot see, without having to physically go there.

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