Dementia occurs when people are not able to fully be in their bodies anymore – it is when an aspect of them chooses to leave, because they have had a very stressful experience in their lives. It is to do with something spiritual, rather than simply physical, although there may be physical aspects to this as well. What I will say is that it is ultimately when a part of a person can’t be here anymore because there is too much trauma there, but and it does occur when they have experienced something horrendously stressful to their being. It can be a minor thing that in their mind feels enormous, in their body mind feels like something that’s extremely traumatic that they cannot deal with, or it can be something that is very big, but what I will say is either way it is something that feels unbearable to them to be with. I would also like you to know that a lot of people have this problem at the moment, because there is a lot of trauma that has not been resolved that people have been living with for a long time, and they have found no way of resolving it in their psyche, and as their body grows older it is harder for them to cope with the trauma, it is harder for them to function with the trauma. I hope this makes sense.

A lot of dementia is able to be reversed with some sort of therapeutic approach, so that people are accessing the trauma that was there and clearing it. This is quite a controversial thing to say but that is what we see from a spiritual point of view.

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