I believe what I see here is that when you are in one way or another developing in the womb, there are many external events which affect you deeply that the mother experiences. I see that there are many external energies that affect an embryo in the womb, the foetus, as it develops, and I will go as far as to say that sometimes it is all about going deeper into the psyche and finding places where you are really stuck emotionally, and I will say for sure that this will indicate a story, a journey, that you have been on since the moment of conception. The best way of healing this is to go inwards, identify the themes, and release them into the light by asking and allowing many angels to do the work, because when you ask it means that you will be automatically provided for in the right way, and one of these ways is by angels coming and doing the work on you, necessary to fully free you from these energies.

What I will say about levels of connection to spirit at developmental stages is that the baby which is born is connected fully, directly, to their own spirit as much as possible based on the conditions at birth, and then what happens is the spirit automatically starts incarnating more and more as conditions allow. By the end of someone’s life they will normally be fully incarnated as they are in spirit on Earth if everything goes in the right direction; however, the time it takes varies. For some people they manage to incarnate fully at a young age, because conditions have favoured this; for other people it takes longer, because they have to clear a lot of negative energy to fully plant their spirit on Earth – but most people do manage it in one way or another. However, what it is for some people, is that they have not been able to express their spirit as fully as they may have liked to, because of all the obstructions, the obstacles in the way, but most people, by the end of their lives they do manage to fully incarnate, they do manage to have a sense of who they are in spirit on Earth, but that does not mean that they are able to express it, or able to go more deeply into being themselves on Earth.

What I will also say about the spirit is that it is constantly learning – not all spirits are the same, everyone is at a different stage of development, and spirits who are more evolved – they do tend to incarnate fully earlier on, and if they are not able to, what they do is find a way of leaving the planet and working from the other side. That is all.

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